It’s that time of the year, maybe fall has come and you want to be prepare and have a clean lawn, then you see that it is full of leaves so, you take you leaf blower that you go the previous year and then you pull the rouge, but nothing happens, so you try again with the same result, and you think, it doesn’t work, I will need to buy a new one. Everything has a useful life, and there is a time when we need to understand that our leaf blower won’t work anymore, and we will have to buy a new on…

But is this the case for you?

Well, let me tell you that this situation is actually commune! And I have good news for you!

It might be actually a lack of maintenance or maybe another type of regular failure that can be easily fixed with a little bit of information and your own hands.

Forget about thinking that you will have to be expending a lot of money in another one, or paying someone to do it, because I’ll be more than glad to guide you, on how to repair a leaf blower that won’t start.

I will Recommend you to use work gloves, and eye protection.

1.Lack or old fuel left in your leaf blower

You might be thinking that this cant be the problem, because is to simple… but sometimes when we try to fix something, the first things that came to our minds are the biggest problems,

And without noticing we skip the obvious things that we will never think that can actually happen to us. So, let me ask you did you refill the fuel? Maybe we didn’t and in that case, you just need to prepare the correct mixture and fill it up, or sometimes We notice that actually, we have fuel in the gas tank, so we want to use it like that, but that fuel can be the cause of the failure too. It is recommended to change the old fuel every 30 days, due to the contamination this can get, it might affect the combustion process and for the same reason the ignition of your leaf blower. Also using oil that is in bad shape, can lead to a lot of problems with the engine, which might be no reparable. So, the first thing before using your leaf blower is to check that we have fuel in the gas tank and that the fuel is in good shape.

2.Carburetor in bad shape

One of the most important parts of a gas engine and your leaf blower can be the carburetor.

This can be critical for the ignition function and also can affect the engine in different ways,

Always make sure that you give the correct maintenance to it because it can shorten the useful life of your leaf blower. Also, have in mind that you might have to disassemble some parts of the leaf blower to do this procedure, don’t worry it isn’t that hard you just need to find a guide on how to do that, also you will need a few basic tools for that.

So, once we know that, I will recommend you to buy, a carburetor cleaner it is easy to find and also is not much expensive and it can make this task really easy, sometimes you don’t even have to disassemble anything to use it and, Think about it as a necessary tool for the maintenance process of every gas-powered machine.


3.Clogged fuel filter

This is also another problem with fuel in bad shape, also one other necessary part of the leaf blower that you need to constantly check as regular maintenance. When the filter gets to sticky with fuel debris, can also affect the ignition process. Leading you to not be able to start your leaf blower.

So this is another important part that in extended periods of times can critically affect the engine, so be always sure that is clean and free from debris, if not you clean it up or just replaces it with a new one, this part of the leaf blower is not expensive due to that it’s commune to be replaced by damage because of a lack of maintenance.

4.Oil-gas mixture

If you have a leaf blower with a two-stroke engine and you hadn’t used it for a while, the oil and the gas in the fuel mixture will begin to separate. Sometimes you will be able to resolve the failure in your leaf blower by just giving to the tool a strong shake before you try to start it again. This is a very simple trick and has a probe to be efficient so it’s always worth trying it.

Of course, this can only work with 2-stroke engines, because they need you to prepare a mixture between oil and gasoline, but if you have an engine, this won’t help you at all, because you just need regular fuel with this type of engines.

5. Spark plug

One really important part for the ignition process is the spark plug, and there are a lot of different things that can make this stop working, such contamination or dirt in the spark plug, like burn fuel or oil, debris from the lawn, sometimes it has ashes covering it so it can make a correct spark for the ignition, and in the worst scenario, it might be damage…

But don’t worry, this part is actually commune to get damaged by different types of situations.

And the solution sometimes is just to unplug clean it up or maybe just getting it replaced.

This part is also cheap and easy to find in the market.

Anyway, I will give you an online tab where you can check, compare, and verify, the status of it.

6.Air filter

This is another part that you should take care a few times, and think about it as a regular maintenance process, because it is simple to replace or clean, and its lack of maintenance can cause a bunch of problems to your engine such as not being able to start, so always remember to make sure that it isn’t full of lawn debris and other types of contamination, before using your leaf blower.

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