What is the differences between the stages?Single-Stage Snow Blower Or Double-Stage Snow Blower Or Three-Stage Snow Blower

Now, if you are new to the snow blowing task, then this guide can help you know the ins and outs. You may find it very much confusing when looking for the right snowblower.

In the market, you will find mainly three types of snow blowers. Which is single-stage, double-stage, and the third one is triple-stage. But which one will you choose? For that, you need to know the differences between the stages. Then you can pick the ideal one for you. Besides that, learning all about snow blowers will give you the data on maintenance costs. That way, you can decide which one to pick.

the differences between the stages
the differences between the stages

Single-Stage Snow Blower

It’s every so often similarly mentioned as a snow thrower, a single-stage snow blower is intended for light usage. This type of snow blower contains a single high-speed impeller that draws snow to the machine and throws it back in a specific direction.
These machines are typically easily movable due to their lightweight. But still, the single stages are not always self-propelled because someone has to handle it manually.

Similarly, while working several single-stage devices do not have that auto shooting option, it means that the user needs to propel the snow thrower manually in a different direction. To adjust the throw in another direction, you have to switch off the machine.
These snow blowers usually can be repaired at home easily, and you can do it using a few moving parts.

Double-Stage Snow Blower

The second machine is a double-stage snowblower that gathers the snow into the impeller very fast, and it can easily handle taller heights of snowfall. This double-stage snow blower can be generally operated by a single hand and also can be adjusted during working. And the best part is you never have to stop the machine from changing the direction of the throw. These double-stage blowers are commonly built with the self-propelled system.

This machine comes with chained tracks or tires and occasionally encompass using hand warmers attached to the handle. Using bigger tallness compared to the single-stage snowblowers, this can manage drifts up to 02 ft. Deep.

It is not for beginner’s type of people because using more horsepower engines, and additional moving parts are tough to tackle. So my advice would hire someone who can do it due to his previous experience if you want to do it yourself then first learn how to use this machine from someone professional or experienced.

Three-Stage Snow Blower

Let’s now talk about the three-stage snowblower. This machine is particularly built for heavy tasks like breaking the bulky ice and big chunks of snow using a mighty engine with high velocity. This machine crushes the snow and ice before the auger grabs them.

The stage of the triple snowblower usually spins very fast, something like ten times faster compared to the impeller. This machine needs more care.
Typically, these snow blowers are often self-propelled, and they always need specialized maintenance due to its complex buildup.
Professionals mostly use these triple-stage snow blowers. Because they often have to handle large lumps and piles of ice, which requires more expertise to do the job efficiently.

the differences between the stages
the differences between the stages

How to Decide and which one to choose?

Here’s how you can decide and determine which one you should choose.

Snowblowers are easily obtainable in mainly two types of variation and configurations. Which is Gas-powered and Electric powered. Below here are the gas-powered snow blower configurations.

  • single-stage gas
  • two-stage gas
  • and three-stage gas

Unfortunately, an electric snow blower has only one version available in the market, which is single-stage. Maybe electric snow blowers don’t generate enough power to eliminate the larger amount of snowfalls.

To discover your perfect snow blower, you may need to consider many things, such as typical snow accumulation, your property size, and terrain (flat or sloped).

Single-stage snow blowers are perfect for smaller tasks like short driveways, sidewalks, and walkways. They are compact but not heavier and effortless to manage than two-stage models, then again, they are simply suitable for when you get not more than 8 inches of snow.

The two-stage snow blower models have power-assisted wheels that comfort while clearing large areas as well as on slopes. On a single-stage machine, an auger leads the snowfall straightly eject to a discharge chute. An auger is a kind of blades that are placed in front of a snowblower.

While you are clearing any surface, the auger should make contact with it properly. So while working with single-stage models, it should be run on a paved surface.

If you are using a two-stage model, then you will notice that the auger draws the snow and then it releases the snow quicker through a chute and shoot it farther away. Typically, these two-stage machines are powered by gas, and this could be the reason behind the power.

Another good thing about the two-stage snow blower is they can be utilized over dirt or gravel. Because while working, it does not need to touch the surface, unlike single-stage.

The third model is the three-stage snowblower, which operates the same way as two-stage models. But the main difference is its hidden power.  It is a kind of turbo-charged version of two-stage models. It works a lot faster, and its best for clearing heavy snowfall or wet snow. The three-stage models are built for heavy tasks with having much higher acceleration power.

From each of those models above, you can pick your clearing or working area width, which can range from 21 to 45 inches or more.  And you should be taking note of the width of your entrance and doorway to your storage shed.

Final words

At this point, you have learned what the difference between the stages is? And I think now you can already determine which snow blower you need to pick up.

So now you should ditch the shovel and get a snowblower machine for the winter. Make your winter more enjoyable during heavy snowfall.

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