what is a pole saw? and which one to pick?

Do you a garden with big trees? and sometimes the unnecessary branches make a lot of problems? to get rid of these problems you got to know use a pole saw, A pole saw!!!! What is a pole saw?

Do you know what is a pole saw? and how it can help you?

A Pole Saw can help you to remove unnecessary branches of a tree. You also use Pole Saw When you need to cut tree or wooden parts. A manual pole saw has a saw that attached to the end of a pole. The manual pole saw have to use totally manually. Pole Saw can play important roles in your garden, home or any other workplace. It is very effective to cut trees and branches. Below we have described the types of best pole saw and how to choose best manual pole saw.

Types of pole saw

This best manual pole saw provides a quick and safe option for trimming the tall branches of trees. The corded pole saw can extend up to 6 feet to 8 feet, 10 inches or more. Pole saw design provides greater safety. There is nothing like having a clean and well-trimmed garden. Keeping pole saw can become for a complex task. To make that job easier in the market you will find many options, manual pruning saws. We are going to talk about the best manual pole saw. It is ideal for your garden.

  • Manual pole saw

Manual pole saw major advantages are it has a large blade and low weight. You can extend about 24 feet. This pole saw use in a plant. You can cut considerable growth without changing the natural appearance or growth habit of the plant. Manual pole saw allows you to carry out almost any maintenance work on trees, hedges, weeds, flowers in your garden. Manual pole saw helps you perform your work more efficiently. It is a very simple saw. It has a special system that allows you to change the chain without requiring any kind of tools. The manual pole saw is very easy to handle. You can get a Manual pole saw with high quality at good prices.

  • Corded pole saw

One of the advantages of the corded pole saw is that it integrated into the design of an A-Grip. It is a very fast tool and powerful device. This is responsible for holding the branches without support while cutting and pruning the trees without discomfort without using the other hand. Calm that the claw will not be an impediment if you want to cut thicker branches since it is removable. Saws are powered by an electric motor, which must always be connected to a power outlet. Normally they carry a sword of 35/40 cm in diameter. For the softwoods, it cuts up to 20 centimeters in diameter.

The battery-powered saws are usually from 18 to 36 volts. That offers us a very easy operation. It allows you to make cuts without the need to be continuously connected to the electrical network.  Its autonomy is the duration of the battery and that will depend on it. This type of saws is increasingly used due to the great advance in power and duration of the batteries. This pole saw has a large cutting capacity. It is available in green and black. It is an interesting option to use as a basic domestic pole saw.

  • Gas pole saw

It is reliable, robust, solid and powerful tools that run on gasoline. Although Gas pole saw requires superior maintenance. It offers more cutting power than an electric pole saw. Thanks to the presence of a powerful gasoline powered engine. It is the type of pole saw for the cutting hardwoods, as well as for intensive daily work. With this Gas pole saw

You can perform pruning without any problem. Gas pole saw is simple to operate and handle. This pole saw has the perfect weight to work with and handle it. This is a great option both for domestic uses and home gardens and to use it as a work tool. You can be sure that these Gas pole saw will give you very good results.

  • Cordless pole saw

Cordless 20V Power Share pole saw that offers quick and clean cuts. The Cordless pole saw could be changed with great alleviate. So it is possible that you can cut with this saw wood, metal and plaster accurately and effortlessly. It is the best saw to prune trees and branches. The Cordless pole saw battery-powered pruning saw is compact, ergonomically shaped and with Soft grip. That together with the Swiss precision saw. The variable speed trigger offers users a powerful cutting experience with greater maneuverability.

what is a pole saw

Keys to consider when choosing a pole saw

  • Cutting ability:

    Choosing a pole saw which should be powerful. It must be with an enough blade length to make the cuts that we should make. Pole saw should be the cheapest in the market.

  • Length of the blade:

    The length of the blade is another very important decision factor. Blade length is determined by the size of the trees to be cut. A larger blade offers us the possibility of cutting larger trees. At the same time, it is less manageable. On the other hand, shorter swords do not work for large trees. But it weighs is less and easier to handle. That makes them ideal for pruning or cutting with one hand.

  • The weight of the pole saw:

    Another important aspect to keep in mind is the weight of the pole saw. Think that the lighter it is, the more comfortable it will be to work with it. If you have little or no experience operating chainsaws, it is important that you opt for a lighter pole saw.

  • Quality and guarantee:

    As with all tools, it is vital to buy a pole saw manufactured by a trusted brand. That offers us a quality tool with a good guarantee and after-sales service. Best quality in cutting tools and effectiveness can gain the satisfaction of users.

  • Battery power:

    This type of saws is increasingly used due to the great advance in power and duration of the batteries.

what is a pole saw


Now you have ideas about the bases to choice a pole saw. We recommend you to analyze your case in order to get the best pole saw. As you can see, the market offers us wide possibilities in pole saw of different qualities, uses, and prices. If you are interested, you can take a look at the professional chainsaws. That we offer in our online hardware store at fantastic prices. If you have any doubts, you can contact our professional team. They will advise you in order to help you with your choice. Pole saw allows you to enjoy the advantage of having a good pole saw at home, without it being too big.

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