Best RedMax Backpack Leaf Blower – EBZ8500 or EBZ8550?

When cleaning up the property, there is nothing more frustrating than not having a leaf blower that has enough power to get the job done. The RedMax Backpack leaf blowers are perfect for any homeowner who needs to clean up after their lawn service or when leaves start falling. This blower has enough power for any job and is comfortable to use. We will cover all the information available in this RedMax EBZ8500 series review so you can make the best decision which leaf blower will work best for your cleaning needs.

RedMax EBZ8500

Which RedMax Backpack leaf blower you should pick?

Before picking up the best backpack blower, you need to know How to Choose a Leaf Blower?

RedMax EBZ8500 Specifications

Length22.9 inch
Item Weight30.8 pounds
Cylinder Displacement75.6 cc
Fuel Capacity77.8 Oz
Max Air Volume916 CFM
Max Air Speed181 MPH
Force41 Newton
Tank Run Time01 hr 04 min
Power Output4.43 HP
Maximum Power Speed7200 RPM

RedMax EBZ8550 Specifications

Item Dimension14.06 inch
Item Weight24.9 pounds
Cylinder Displacement75.6 cc
Fuel Capacity77.8 Oz
Max Air Volume1077 CFM
Max Air Speed206 MPH
Force41 Newton
Tank Run Time01 hr 04 min
Power Output4.43 HP
Maximum Power Speed7200 RPM

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RedMax EBZ8500 vs RedMax EBZ8550

The RedMax EBZ8500 is most comparable to the EBZ8550, which is the next closest model. All of RedmMx’s blowers have many of the same features as those described in this article. The new and improved variant of the previously released EBZ8500 is known as the EBZ8550.

Some of the key features on the EBZ8500 and EBZ8550 include:

  • 52.4 cc two-stroke engine – powerful, yet lightweight at just over 9 lbs. This makes it nice and easy to maneuver around and perfect for those with smaller or medium sized yards.
  • Variable speed throttle allows you to match the speed to your needs – you can choose between speeds of 1800 RPM for speedy pickup, 1300 RPM for heavier work or 700 RPM for when precision control is necessary.
  • Air volume up to 790 CFM and air speed of up to 165 mph – this combination of power makes it a good fit for medium sized yards and lots of different yard work.
  • Large fuel tank at 1.5 US gal. and low oil indicator for user safety and better operation – which means you don’t overfill the machine and risk spilling gas everywhere when you go to fill it up. Many people find that this is a common issue with smaller machines, so we appreciate RedMax’s diligence.
  • Simplified air filter system, S-Start recoil starter and shoulder strap for better comfort – these three features combined make the EBZ8500 a very user-friendly machine. We find that if you’re looking to do heavy duty work, this model is probably not going to be enough for your needs due to its 52cc engine. However, for lighter work this is an excellent choice. It’s very easy to move around and start, which are two of the most important factors when it comes to owning a leaf blower. If you have lots of trees in your yard that drop leaves, then the RedMax EBZ8500 makes for a great option.
RedMax EBZ8550


The first thing that customers need to know about the RedMax EBZ8500 backpack leaf blower is how much power it has. This blower is perfect for any homeowner who needs to clean up their lawn after the landscaping service or even when leaves start falling. It’s powered by a 75.6cc engine that produces 4.4 horsepower. It can move debris as light as pine needles and as heavy as wet, compacted snow without a problem making this extremely versatile.

The RedMax EBZ8500 leaf blower uses an air speed of up to 240 MPH. If you have ever tried using a leaf blower before, this is pretty intense. It has the power needed for any task and ensures that it will get done quickly. Customers can use this blower year-round because it also works great in light snow without getting clogged with wet or compacted snow like other blowers.



This RedMax backpack leaf blower also has a variable speed trigger that can be easily controlled by the user for maximum comfort and control. It is extremely easy to use making it great for homeowners of all ages. The ergonomically designed harness makes sure the unit fits comfortably on your back while you are using it, which will reduce the strain on your back and shoulders. This also helps to make sure the blower is not too heavy for you, which can be a problem with other leaf blowers.



The RedMax EBZ8500 comes equipped with an 80 V Li-ion battery that has enough power to last 40 minutes of continuous use. Customers love this because it ensures they can get the job done without running out of power. This battery also recharges in only 40 minutes, so you are always ready to take on any project.

What’s Included

This RedMax backpack leaf blower comes with everything you need for it to work including a charger, shoulder straps, and an 80 V Li-ion battery that lasts up to 40 minutes on a single charge. The ergonomically designed harness makes sure it is comfortable to wear while you are using this leaf blower. It also comes with an air nozzle that allows the user more control over where they are blowing debris making it easier for them to get their project done quickly.

Pros & Cons


  • It’s easier to get started with the choke, primer, and pull line.
  • Easy to control.
  • Reduced fuel consumption.
  • The fuel tank holds enough gasoline to last for hours of operation.
  • It’s sturdy and robust, with a high-velocity wind speed of 206 miles per hour
  • On those hot summer days, the pad used for the back makes it more comfortable to work with.
  • The padding provides additional comfort as well.


  • When the fuel tank is full, it’s particularly hefty.
  • Overprices
  • Poor after sale customer service.



The RedMax EBZ8500 costs around the same as other similar backpack blowers. They are reasonably priced in comparison to Stihl, Echo, Makita, and other companies’ products.

If your budget is not that much but you need a powerful leaf blower. Then go for Toro 51621 UltraPlus Leaf Blower.


The RedMax blower has no major issues. The only bad things we detect are fuel efficiency and pricing. However, the EBZ8500 can operate for more than an hour at full speed on a full tank, so this may not be a significant concern to you. EBZ8500 also comes with an ergonomic design and comfort-boosting straps. As a result, it’s the most expensive backpack blower we looked at (it costs about $600).

Other than the price and the heavyweight, everything we find is in favor of the Redmax EBZ8550. It makes for an outstanding commercial item to add to the collection of equipment onboard the lawn service and landscaping companies.

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