how to use a manual pole saw? Everything You Need To Know

Suppose you are walking through your garden and suddenly a branch of tree bangs on your head. It’s quite annoying. To get rid of this tiny problem, you are willing to cut that branch from the tree. And you can’t reach it from the ground. So, how do you do that? There are a lot of ways available to do that. First, try to achieve by using a ladder, call a professional to do that, or use pole saw. Now there are everywhere you have a bunch of options. You can try an automatic pole saw which is quite expensive or use a manual pole saw. And I am here to talk about the manual one. Manual pole saw is a very popular tree pruner. Why? Because this is so easy to use and less expensive. So in this entire post, I will discuss how to use a manual pole saw.  

Manual pole saw components

This tree pruner has two sections—first, the blades and second the pole. There are two kinds of blades on each pole saw. The little pruner and long saw. The little pruner uses to cut small branches and need to use the rope to cut. And the saw uses to cut thick branches. It is compelling also.  And of course, there it has the pole to reach the branches of the tree from the ground. And poles are extendable. It has two or three extend lock to make the pole long or short according to how long you need. That is it, straightforward tools. 

Pole saw cutting techniques

Here is the central part. I am here to tell you how to cute with a manual pole saw. In this bellow part, you are going to know how you will be the master of tree pruning. Try to follow the below steps to cut the branches perfectly and, most importantly, safely.  

Adjust the blades with pole

 First of all, you need to adjust the blades with the pole to use it. Then check it twice to make sure that you did it correctly. Then extend the pole as much as you need. Your manual pole saw may have two or three extensions. So, According to how high you want to reach, extend your pole and then lock. There should be a button to do that. By pressing the button, you can do that. 

Clear the work area and plan first what you need to do

 You don’t want to hurt anyone. So before starting, make sure there are no people underneath the tree except you. Or they all are in a safe place. Branches will not fall on their head. And of course, you need to make a plan that which branches of the tree you need to cut. Where it can fall and how it will fall. Calculate everything before start cutting.

Position yourself

It will be hilarious and unusual if tree branches will fall on yours. So, make sure your position is safe when you will cut a branch that will not fall on your head. 

Cut the small branches first

 To cut well. Start cutting small and thin branches first. Then you have to use a rope for better cutting. I have said before; there are two kinds of blades. To cut with a pruner, you have to use the rope. So, how to use a pole saw with rope to cut the small branches? Just adjust your pruner to the base of the branch. Make sure the pruner in the ride direction. Then pull the rope. There is a spring system on which connects cord and pruner to make a clean and significant cut. 

Make groove first

As a newbie, you can’t expect yourself to cut quickly. So first of all, stroke slowly on the branch to get control over your saw. Make a groove to ensure a good cut. The slot will assure you of achieving a precise cut. It also helps not to slip the saw—stroke perpendicular to the branch. 

Cut properly

Once you did groove correctly, you can position your saw on the branch and increase your stroke rate. The slot will stick the saw in the same place. So, you can cut the tree branch quickly. Start slowly and gradually increase your speed. That is the principal law of using any saw. And, of course, keep eyes on the branch. Take a look where it is going to fall. Again, make sure you are safe. 

Remember these things before using a tree pruner

So, now you know how to use a manual pole saw. But there is still something you need to know.  So please keep your attention on that. 

  • Extendable pole

Make sure your pole has the extendable rod. That will allow you to adjust pole size to handle it correctly. And check the extended lock also. It should be strong enough. And, extend the pole as long as you need it. 

  • Pole height

Your pole should be that much longer as much as you can handle. Don’t extend too long. That can be dangerous. To make a good cut safely, you should have better control over the pole saw. As long as you will extend the post, it will take more strength to handle it. So, make sure you are strong enough to handle your pole saw with comfort. 

  • Safety of saw

And, the least important thing. When you are not using the saw, please cover the saw with a saw cover. So it will be safe and not hurt anyone. These blades are sharp to cut the tree, so it may easily cut your hand and other body parts. 

Also, please read the user manual guide, which comes with your pole saw. That will provide you with a better idea about your manual pole saw. Maybe you can find how to use a manual pole also saw in there. 

how to use a manual pole saw


Use the best manual pole saw to cut with less effort. Pole saw cutting techniques would not work or not going to help you so much if your pole saw is not good enough. Also, it should have to lightweight. I hope you got enough idea about this tree pruning. Next time you will do it on your own. 

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