If you already have a leaf blower, maybe this is your first time using it, or maybe not but either way you may not know the correct way to use it properly.

The leaf blower can be a really good tool to make the gardening chores of getting those leaves out from the yard easier, but if you know how to properly use it, trust me when I tell you that, it can make the task even easier and faster than you ever think. And right now, you must be thinking, what can you tell me about a leaf blower one of the easier tools in the world… well yes, the leaf blower is easy to use but there are some tips that you will want to know.

The tool can be seen as a simple thing to use, come on you just turn it on and it will do the hard work, but there are a few techniques and strategies that are involved in while using it with more efficiency. So, let me guide you on how to use this powerful tool properly to minimize the amount of time you will spend in this gardening chore.

Choose the correct leaf blower for your yard size.

There are a lot of options to choose from when we talk about the correct leaf blowers for your yard on the market. So how can a simple correct choice of a leaf blower make fast work? Consider the size and shape of your yard, to begin with, and how many leaves usually are drop in a season.

A small yard or one with less or light leaves accumulation can get done with less power, sometimes even with just a leaf rake, you can make the job done. But a medium or a large yard with more accumulation of fallen leaves may require more power and will benefit from the free reign afforded by batteries and gas tanks.

Just remember: While a larger model may be more powerful, it will probably also be harder to move or adjust to the task you need to, like getting into small places, etc. so remember to contemplate what other uses you may be giving to it.

Make a smart strategy to use your leaf blower.

A leaf blower will be most effective for gathering a bunch of a lawn’s leaves into large piles, then you will be able to easily remove the leaves with a tarp or with your own hands. Do not try to blow every last leaf off your yard with a leaf blower. That can make the task to be harder and you Will lose a lot of time.

It will be better if we don’t look for perfection, that can drive you crazy chasing every last one leaf. Remember there are other tools that you can use for those single leaves left in the yard, at the end you can follow up with a leaf rake. The vacuum mode of a leaf blower will be better used for smaller and less accessible tasks, where a leaf rake would be difficult to use.

You can use it to blow those leaves that have been trapped between the rocks, and at the bases of fences, also in the tight spots around your house. It can be also handy to get leaves off your deck, and for removing small amounts of dirt and grass clippings from your drive.


Be aware of the weather before you think in to go outside to blow leaves.

 Remember that weather can always make harder different gardening chores, and sometimes even impossible so, Wait for calm weather or slow winds. You can also remove your leaves when the wind is blowing in the direction you want them to accumulate, or on a day that has less wind. The wind rain and some other weather situations can seriously probe to be counter-productive.

Also, another recommendation Will be to, wait for wet leaves to dry. Because dry leaves are easier to remove with a leaf blower than wet and sticky leaves. check the moisture of the leaves pile by directing your leaf blower at its base. If you see that it barely budges, it might be best to do it another day or change the chore and come back the next day.

There are also some techniques that you can use.

You can choose where you want to get the leaves to pile. Plan a tarp in the right spot, so you can haul the leaves right into the pile and easily be able to grab the leaves with your own hands or a leaf rake when you’re finished. If you are trying to blow them directly into a wooded area or the pile, you can always do it in sections that will make it easy to control the direction where the leaves are being blown. Then you can Collect the leaves into your designated pile and then separate in sections of leaves at a time, blowing them to the final resting place.

Remember that is better to work going in one direction. That can help you prevent from blowing leaves out of the designated area or into an area you’ve already worked through.

Hold the leaf blower at your side and point to the front at the ground in a shallow angle. Try to do a smooth back-and-forth motion as you walk slowly with the leaf blower in front of you.

Use a safety gear to use the leaf blower.

You will need to wear eye and ear protection when blowing leaves, Like work glasses. because Small sticks, leaves, and other debris can easily get blown into your eyes, and leaf blowers generate laud noises, that are not only considered annoyingly loud by some people but can also provoke headache and damage the hearing after prolonged exposure.

If you follow those tips, you will get experience and skill to end up with this task in less time than you can imagine.

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