How to Start a Leaf Blower? It’s Easier Than You Think

The leaf blower is one of the most efficient machines to clean your yard because we all know how much time you need to waste in removing a bunch of leaves without one, just to wake up the next day and found your yard full of them and repeat the same process over and over again…

But if you invested your time and money to get a leaf blower, it will make this task easier than you think, but there is a first time for everything in this life and, there are some people that never had the chance to use a leaf blow before, or another machine like them and maybe nervous about it.

You may think that it will be hard for you because Is your first time, but let me tell you, Is not! You just need to follow the right steps and remember that is important to know how your leaf blower works and what the right way to start it is, so you will be able to use it properly and make is useful life longer.

There are different leaf blower models and some of them are electric, which actually are easily to start, so we won’t be talking about them because those models are simple and don’t require a guide to help you out staring them.

So, let me guide you on how to start a gas-powered leaf blower I will do it step by step to make it clear and simple for you.

How to Start a Leaf Blower
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  • First step:

Gas-powered leaf blowers will require some extra time and care to make sure they are run properly and make their useful life longer. Some of the models require a mixture of fuel and oil to be able to ensure a properly run without technical problems. Most manufacturers recommend 2 1/2 ounces of two-cycle oil per gallon of gas of fuel mixture to operate properly.

You want to make sure you measure this carefully and properly doing it slowly so the mixture will be good, also be careful because, adding too much oil could ruin the spark plug affecting the ignition process, and cause the leaf blower to emit smoke while you are operating it which can be bad for the engine and also for your health.

The type of oil you will use it will be important too also I recommend you to always read the instructive that came with the leaf blower, because you will find more and specific information on how your model works, and what type of oil and fuel it requires to work properly. If you’re using a 2-stroke engine, it will require a special 2-stroke oil. If you’re using a 4-stroke engine you won’t need to worry about this, just use regular fuel without adding any oil to the mixture.

  • Second step:

Make sure that the gas tank in your leaf blower is empty, then prosed to slowly fill up with the mixture preventing to overfill it, this is an important step because you need to always rotate the mixture inside the tank, so you won’t use an old or contaminated and damage fuel, that can lead to a bunch of problems like emission of gas and malfunction in the ignition process.

  • Third step:

Verify if your leaf blower has a starter switch if it does put It in on position. Some of the leaf blowers may not have one, anyway if it has it must be simple to find and identify. (the on position will be marked as I, and the off position will be marked as ao)

  • Fourth step:

Before you start the blower, if you hadn’t use it must start from cold, you need to put the choke into the starting position. Make sure this is done before moving to the next step.

This is critical for the leaf blower useful life, always first make sure to prepare the engine in the correct way before using it.

  • Fifth step:

The next step is to prime the engine. You will need to Press the primer bulb five or six times, this process is to spray gasoline into the induction system of a piston engine to help start the engine, and this is done with the help of a primer or a priming pump.

  • Sixth step:

Grab the cord firmly in one hand and hold the blower with the other one, to make a steady grab. It’s also recommended to put the leaf blower in the ground so you can have an easier grab. Pull the cord with strength but being careful. You may need to do these a few times to start the engine, and after each pull, you should feed the cord back in, slowly rather than just letting it snap back into place.

  • Seventh step:

Now once the engine starts, you will need to let it run for between 10 and 30 seconds. If you have a leaf blower with a manual choke, after the leaf blower has been turned on for a while, you should put the choke into the “run” position.

If you have one of those models that have a semi-automatic choke, it will return to the run position by itself, so you won’t have to worry about it.

Final Words

If you had followed all the steps that I just give you, you should be blowing those bad leaves out of your yard. Also, there are different types of leaf blowers such as backpack blowers and walk-behind blowers. If you have one of those the procedure can be almost the same, you will need to fill the gas tank with the right fuel, then you have to check the starter switch and put it in on position, and then prime the engine in the same way I told before, a few times to pump some gas to the engine to help it with the ignition process. You also may have to put the choke into the “start” position before pulling at the starter cord, too.

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