How To Select Best Lawn Edger

Hello everybody, all the time we think about a good home with a beautiful garden. To have a good garden, you are going to need some tools. The best lawn edger can offer you sharp, professional edger around sidewalks, playgrounds, driveways, and other landscape features. If you are a new user and own a good lawn edger, this will not make you an expert. But to utilize it, you must know how to use it. Only then you are good to go.

As a result, this article comes with the details of how to use FAQs and other related things that you should know about the lawn edger.

Types of  Best Lawn Edger

Lawn edger comes with three different types. These are

1.     Manual lawn edger

2.     Corded lawn edger

3.     Cordless lawn edger

So, below we’ll know about how to use these lawn edgers.

How to Use the Corded Lawn Edger?

A corded lawn edger that will be best to handle the type of work you’ll do. As the electric-powered edger is easy to start, so it doesn’t require much maintenance. Every other week is naturally enough because edging needs not to be done every week. Now, let’s see how to use the corded lawn edger:

  • Step 1

You have to place the lawn edger as much as possible near the starting point.

Then start pushing the wheels of the lawn edger either on the solid or another flat exterior side of your edging task whenever you like to get an even cut.

But, you can run the wheels on planting beds or grass where there is no hard surface.

  • Step 2

Following the manufacturer’s instructions, initiate the setting by pushing the “Start” button or keep the lowest setting. But, if there is any hard soil or clay, it needs to be set at a low setting. Then you can gradually go for a deeper setting for thick or longer turf and warm-weather grasses.

  • Step 3

According to the manufacturer’s instructions, start the lawn edger. But, while starting the engine, you need to press the blade control so that you can retain it continuously running on some edger.

  • Step 4

Now, slowly work along the path and cut into the grass, keep the machine moving backward and forward.

You have to hold the blade nearby without touching any curb, concrete, or patio, which you’re trimming along.

You can adjust the device at a specific angle when the edger comes with a bevel adjustment.

  • Step 5

Regulate the deeper setting after cutting a line, and go over the edge once more. Let the device finish the job; move at the slower way.

  • Step 6

If your work is done, then press the “Stop” button or discharge the blade control handle.

It depends on what model you’re using. There are some manufacturers of gas-powered models that will guide you to allow the engine standby to cool down before turning it off.

Best lawn Edger

How to Use a Manual Lawn Edger?

Before edging, you have to understand how the manual edger works. Let’s see what to know about manual lawn edger’s using instructions.

  • Step 1

You have to restrict a path using a garden hose or where you wish edging cuts to be made when it’s your first time edging. But, you may feel relaxed skipping this step if the edging is understandable, such as along sidewalks.

  • Step 2

Start at an end if it’s a straight edge. But, you may find it easier to control the shape for curved edging when you start in the center then work out on either side. As your technique will vary slightly, that depends on the type of edger you’ve invested in.

  • Step 3

you can cut only about 2 inches deep with either process and be cautious of buried cables and pipes. Although this depth may seem uninformed, it’s one most power-edger reaches tending to be enough for controlling root spread. Find the depth what suitable for you, and it’s easy to handle throughout.

  • Step 4

Sometimes remove cut turf so that you can ensure you’re creating the clean lines. So, stand back for an excellent look along with make corrections where you can wobble in. Or, cut erratically along the way.

  • Step 5

Hold the spade and deepen edged cuts to up to 6 inches when your flower beds are sunken if you’re framing the garden beds. Select a depth that’ll work visually for your bed when it’s raised.

  • Step 6

As the weed whacker could be overzealous, so continue carefully. Besides, the hand shears do not do only a beautiful job, but it’s meticulous as well. Repeat this task as needed throughout the season.

  • Step 7

Clean and dry any blades before you put them away, and follow the maintenance suggestions of the manufacturer on your power tools.

How to use a Cordless Lawn Edger?

The cordless edger is easy to use for lawns. But, it may reach beyond where a cord can take you with many obstacles and trimming areas.

  • Step 1

Primarily, use your weed wacker or power edger around footpaths and sidewalks. You have two options for which tool to use when you edge your lawn. For this, either you can use a gas-powered edging tool or electric. Or, you can use a manual edging tool as well.

  • Step 2

You can use your lawn edger with right angles and straight lines. Although a cordless edger is further capable than a manual edger, it doesn’t mean that at all times gets the work done. In this case, a cordless power lawn edger is excellent with straight lines.

  • Step 3

You have to stroll using the edging device entirely, level, and rigid.

It’ll eventually do the cut on the grass far straighter, just move your body instead of your arms.

  • Step 4

During edging your lawn, don’t step on the grass; instead, you have to use the sidewalk or footpath.

At the time of edging your lawn, keep away your arms from your body for a better cut.

You begin trimming into the lawn instead of simply lopping off the farthest edge if this happens when you’re standing on the property itself. After a while, you’ll find you’re reshaping the edge every time in place of using the same edge as it’s directed.

  • Step 5

You have to edge slowly where you have to take time so that you need not go over the same area too repeatedly.

best Lawn Edger

Frequently Asked Questions

 How Big is Your Garden/Yard?

You may be happier with a larger powered edger when you have a large yard with several gardens and paths, along with driveways need to edge. But, if you have a small backyard that needs a minimal edge, you can find a hand edger for less money.

What Does Your Schedule Look Like?

As edging it properly is going to be time-consuming, so no matter how big or small your yard happens to be. Definitely, for your bigger yard, it needs a longer edge.

Hand, Electric or Gas Powered?

We suggest for even a medium-sized yard while getting a power edger, but the hand edger is cheaper comparatively. You can choose a gas or electric power when you are going to buy a power landscaping edger.

How Many Wheels?

In most instances, it applies to powered edger because they are available with either three or four wheels.

How Many Cycles?

If you need a gas-powered edger, it comes with either two-cycle or four-cycle engines. But the two-cycle versions are more common in the US states except for California where it’s banned. They need to mix the gas and oil before using it. Although they are noisy, they are significant. But, you don’t need to worry about this when you’re buying an electric-powered edger.

How about Angled Blades?

The usual lawn edger uses straight blades that run, making a corner to the facade of the land. You will find this type of edger for the most part and will work just fine for almost any project you have.


As the best lawn edger is essential for your home when it comes to the question of beauty. So, you can take a suitable one from the manual, corded or cordless ones. It’s you who know better of your needs and budget when you need a lawn edger.

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