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When to prune a fruit tree?

First thing first, you can prune your fruit tree in any season. There is an appropriate time to do this task. It better when all the leaves are off from tree to trim. That means you have to do it in winter when your tree will be dormant. So, when there are no leaves on the tree, you can easily check every branch. That will help you to check any damaged branch and select which one to prune. Summer pruning slows down fruit products of the trees. So, it better to do it in winter or early summer. That will ensure to get the best fruit production from the tree.

As I mentioned earlier, you should have to prune the fruit tree in winter. That doesn’t mean you don’t have to do anything in summer. You have to check the tree regularly for the damaged and dead branch and need to prune that. That will ensure a healthy tree for all the year.

And, also you have to prune a new plant fruit tree. After planting a new tree, you have to do some pruning to make sure better growth. So, you have to cut all little branches and leaves which grow on the side and keep two rising buds. That will provide better growth of trees.

So, when you prune a fruit tree? You have to trim your tree regularly and also need to do a light prune on the dead and damaged branch at any time. And for a new plant tree, you have to leave two rising buds and prune side leaves and branches to ensure better growth.

how to prune fruit trees

How to prune fruit tree?

It is time to give you some knowledge about how to prune. So, how to cut? Never cut above an inward-facing bud that is the wrong way. Cut above outward-facing bud in a 30-degree angle. That will provide your tree to grow outer direction, and your tree will look like a wine glass.

And you need to thin tree by cutting to ensure better sunlight availability on the tree. To do that, choose the branch, which is at least 50% in the diameter of the main branch. Then cut at the closest point tree collar. By cutting in that way, your all buds and branch will get enough light to get healthy. And healthy branches means better fruit production.

how to prune fruit trees

Maintainance you have to during fruit tree pruning

As I said at the beginning of this post, you have to prune fruit in the right way. So, First of all, you have to choose the right tool to prune your fruit tree.

Use sharp shear to cut younger trees. If the tree branch is less than ½ inches in diameter, you can use shear to cut that. And, for the adult trees, you have to use a pruning saw or long-handled loppers. Also, try to perform a clean cut.

And after pruning a tree. Clean your tools to make it infection-free. Of course, you don’t want to spread infection from one tree to another. Wash your tools at least 60 seconds. That will keep your trees safe from spreading diseases.

Keep only one branch for upright growth. And keep some side facing arms to balance the sunlight of the trees. So, your tree will get enough light to grow. Talking about sunlight. Each branch should have 12 inches space around it. That will allow the branch to consume enough light.

Pruning fruit trees in the right way will provide better fruit product, which is your concern about a fruit tree. So, using the above information cut your tree branch. Maintain your tree and check regularly. And only pruning is not the way to get better fruit productivity. Provide enough water. And give some fence in younger trees to protect from animals. And, before cutting any branch, think twice about its importance. Try to remove unusual branches and damaged branches. So, that is it for now. I hope you get it what I tried to explain. Thank you

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