How to make a compost bin at home

If you are a gardener, you must prepare the fertilizer for your garden. But you cannot prepare the fertilizer due to lack of necessary space. And this problem may have been a big loss for you. Then this how to make a compost bin at home article from us can play a very important role in your gardening task. We want to inform you how to make fertilizer in small and domestic environments. Actually, it’s a very easy job. You collect a large plastic container. In a very short time, you can prepare the fertilizer at home. Now you need to combine all the necessary ingredients in one place and start using the following methods.

How to make a compost bin at home

Some easiest tips for making compost:

  1. First, do the entire work out of the house. In the house, will be monstrous sound. Because with the drill machine will need to punch the plastic bins. So go to the outdoor and complete the process.
  2. When you prepare the compost, if possible, to maintain the humidity of the compost then dissolve some leaf on a paper and mix it with the fertilizer.
  3. Prepare the compost quickly twice a day to shake the compost bin.
  4. Before mixing them together in the bin, combine some dung or shit into a small area.
  5. Stay away from chicken or pet animals at home.

What might be needed for your work?

  • A plastic bin.

  • Small drill machine for holes in the plastic bin.

  • Waste from the kitchen abandoned yard and old newspaper page.

  • Use wire mesh to make big holes.

How to make a compost bin at home

How to make a compost bin at home this time, with the necessary material is collected?


Collect a plastic bin:

All our houses have unnecessary bins. Select a bin the large size from there. Must have to the lid in the bin. Must be in such size at least 18 gallons of fertilizer can be made. So if the bins are big, it is best. If there have two lids of the bin, then it is better, because there will be no possibility of Liquid substances go out of the bins. Otherwise, nutritious-rich liquate can be released.

Prepare the bin:

If the Bin is brand new, then avoid washing. If there have any tags or packages with the bin, then remove them. Connect the small pedals with the bin and start holes down a few inches from the lid. Keep at least 3 inches distance from one hole to another. Keep holes until the length and the diameter of the hole are not equal. Keep making holes around the bins.

Clean the bins:

Clean the bin after doing hole completely. Clean the dirt that is entering the garbage bin while holes.

Place the bin in the right place:

The bin is small ‍so can be placed anywhere. If you do not have enough space in the garden, you can also place it in your Balconies. However, no matter where you place it, remember that you have the advantage of carrying the necessary ingredients. For example, if you keep the rubbish from the kitchen, place the bin in the area around the kitchen.

Now, prepare to make your fertilizer:

Usually, there are two types of compost. One is hot and another cold. Hot composites can be made within a few months. These are made with heat, just by combining nitrogen, carbon, water, and air. But it takes a year to create cold compost. This fertilizer is prepared by mixing some natural substances. And it will take a year’s to decompose.

Good stuff could well make good fertilizer. We recommend for the use of fruits and vegetable pieces, egg shells, grasses, dried leaves, wood crushed straws, etc. to make good fertilizer. Do not use any ingredient that may harm your garden if used. Do not try to make a mixture of dead plant, animal stool, rotten wood, weed or fatty substances.

Look after to your bin:

If you think that you should take care of the bin that you have made in every day, then please do so. You have to shake every day for pneumatic. If the ingredients in your bin are wet or there is an unsavory odor from the bin then add new leaf and paper in the bin. That will help to do dry your bin. And help to bring green leafy vegetables from gray to green color. Use a spray bottle whenever the bin is too dry. This will help to keep the humidity of the fertilizer to the correct level.

Why is compost bin beneficial for crops?

The compost bin is such a fertilizer that is usually made from any kind of waste material. In one word, the process was completed by collecting the extract of the waste material. It may even be from abandoned tea leaves or cow dung etc. These substances increase soil fertility and also increase soil biological properties. And if the fertility of the soil is good then the crop will be growing well. So compost manure is much more beneficial for the crop.


The precautions are taken when the composite bin is made:

  • The compost cannot be drier or too wet.

  • During fertilization, the fertilizer should not enter any unnecessary material.

  • There will be no major holes in the bin.

  • Place the bins in the full space of adequate lighting. With the help of light, the components are very fast decomposed.

Final Thought


Remember, during the preparation of the compost, there cannot enter as though the unnecessary substance in the bin. As fertilizer helps in the growth of crops and keeps the crops healthy, just like that crops can be destroyed if any kind of the element of Germ enters the fertilizer. So it is vital to take precautions here. If you take precautions to use fertilizer, you get definitely the results of the fertilizer. Then I can expect that if you can follow the above issues, you will definitely get success in using fertilizers.

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