Maybe is that time of the year when you know that fall is coming, and soon or later your yard will be full of leaves, and you know that is not an easy task to remove them, also you need to have time to that, and sometimes we just don’t have enough…

So, you decide that this year you won’t be cleaning up all those leaves with just a leaf rake, and its time to add a new tool to your inventory.

So, you decide to invest your money and time to buy a leaf blower. Trust me this is a good decision but you go to the store and, you find a lot of brands and different types of a leaf blower. And you ask yourself, what shall I chose.

I mean it can’t be difficult, you might as well just chose the one with more power, or the one that is easier to move around, or maybe one that you can carry like a bag pack, I mean is a leaf blower, a simple tool and all of them work the same way right?  Well if you are thinking like this, let me tell you that you are completely wrong, and choosing the wrong leaf blower can lead to a hard time blowing the leaves in your yard.

So, the question here is, what shall I choose then? Well let me guide you on the different types of leaf blowers, and how to choose the one that better fits your yard and your necessities.

First of all, we need to think about the necessities of our house, or yard, or garden have, before buying a leaf blower. So, things that matters are the size of the terrain you will be blowing, is it open? does it have short passages? are there any places where a leaf blower may not be able to get in?

So, let’s think about the size of the terrain, this is important because if you just have a little garden or you just want a leaf blower to help you out with your yard, sidewalk or driveway well you might need to consider in to buy a small electric one. This type of leaf blowers are cheaper, not just in the price, but also in the maintenance. They might not need fuel because they work with a battery, and they are smaller and easy to move around the terrain that you want to clean up, but they don’t have that much power, but enough to do a perfect work for your necessities without having to carry along and heavier machine around.

Maybe you have a long yard or a big garden with a lot of trees, Then for that situation, we have the larger gas-powered leaf blowers, and this one might be the one you need, some of these models are expensive, at least more than the electric ones, but they have a more powerful blow, and it might be necessary if you have a big terrain, this ones can be bigger and heavier but they will compensate that with power.

Also have in mind the form of your terrain, because maybe you have a big terrain with a lot of smaller passages where a big leaf blower might not be able to get in, or at least not in a comfortable way. So that can make the task harder with a big one.

So now that we had covered that aspect, let’s go to review some of the models you might find at the market, and tell you a little bit about them.

Image from Pixabay 

Electric Blowers

Electric-powered leaf blowers can be held with just one hand and are relatively light, so they are useful for a small terrain with small passages, also they are good for a small or older person. They can also be quite easy to start by just a simple flipping of a switch. Some electric models are cordless, rechargeable, and that’s why they are good for light work like sweeping a deck or porch.

The biggest drawback of more powerful electric-powered leaf blowers is that they need to be connected by cable, and you will be limited by the length of the leaf blower power cord, and must be close to an outlet, you can always use an extension but have in mind that this can be quite uncomfortable. Electric blowers can also vacuum and mulch leaves in more heavy-duty.

Hand-Held Gas-Powered Blowers

A hand-held gas-powered leaf blower can be a little bit heavier than an electric leaf blower. The main advantage of these leaf blower is that you can use them anywhere, and your motion will not be limited by a cord. But there are some disadvantages of a gas-powered model, like the fact that they are harder to start and give maintenance, you must yank a cord to start the engine, and follow different steps to do it properly, the gas exhaust fumes can be unpleasant. Two-stroke engine models require you to mix the fuel, using gasoline and oil. Unlike their electric counterparts, gas-powered models require periodic maintenance.

Larger Gas-Powered Models

Gas-powered backpack models or wheeled blowers are the biggest ones, they are useful for larger yards, big gardens, or industrial applications. The backpack types are heavy, weighing between like 25 pounds, but you will be able to carry it on your back and shoulders, which will help to distribute the weight making it easier to move around. The largest of all the models is wheeled blowers, which can be hard to maneuver as well as store, their weight is higher and is more complicated to use and give them proper maintenance, also those are quite expensive. I will not recommend getting one of those for home use.

Most wheeled blowers have four-stroke engines, and you don’t need to prepare a mixture between oil and gasoline to fill them up. Therefore, they emit fewer fumes. Although they are powerful, neither the backpack nor the wheeled models are made for home usages and you won’t be able to vacuum or shred leaves, and both are very noisy.

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