How do you diagnose a lawnmower problem?? Some Secrets That Nobody Share.

Maybe you want to fix it by yourself or get someone to do it but in the end its always good, and feels right when we know what is going on with our lawnmower. So how do you know what can be the problem with a malfunction of the lawnmower?

This is the first and most important step when you are trying to repair anything, be able to identify what is the sours of the problem, what are its causes, and what are the negative effects this will have on your lawnmower.

When we try to troubleshoot something, we don’t guess what is going on, we think in what is the malfunction and search for the mechanisms that can be doing that type of failures after that we search for a solution. Well you will do the same with your lawnmower failures, and don’t worry it is easier than you think, and you need is a few basic tools such as a screwdriver, a wrench, a rag, and some other security gear, like work gloves and eye protection, because we are working with have machine with sharp and dirt blades, and we don’t want to get cut or something in our eyes.

First, we want to know what is happening to your lawnmower, like does it turns of while your using it, it doesn’t even start, there is black smoke getting out of the lawnmower, its getting stuck, it has moments when it loses power, once we identify the problem, we need to star figuring out what is the source of it so, I will tell you the most commune failures that can happen to your lawnmower and help you out to identify its source, how to fix them, and most important, how to prevent them as much as possible.

Fill the fuel:

it may sound obvious, but sometimes we are distracted, or we just had a bad day and forgot to do the most commune procedure, which fills it up.
Remember that this type of machine works with fuel and without it there is no combustion and it won’t work. It is electric remember to always check the battery, before doing anything else.

The starter rope is stuck or hard to pull, and the brake cable is not functioning correctly, the problem can be, that the bar you hold on the handle that stops the engine when released is engaged. Another situation can be, if your lawnmower blade is dragging by the grass and debris this can make the engine work harder to get the start and fail at the ignition process.
It may not start or it gets turn off every few minutes or seconds:
Lack of clean fuel in the gas tank, when the fuel in the tank of the lawnmower is older than 30 days can get contaminated, making the combustion process fail due to the debris it has, and making the lawnmower to repeatedly turn off, or just to fail at the start the engine.
A spark plug wire that’s not attached or damaged, this can happen for a lot of reasons and can lead you to different problems in the lawnmower depending on how the spark plug is damaged, there is a document online that shows you different spark plug status that you can identify by its appearance.

The normal status of the spark plug is when the Insulator nose its grayish-white or grayish-yellow to brown. The engine is in order. The heat range of the plug is correct. The mixture setting and ignition timing are correct, there is no misfiring, cold-starting device functioning. No deposits from fuel additives containing lead or from alloying constituents in the engine oil. No overheating.
Also, have in mind that most of the problems with a lawnmower can occur due to the lack of maintenance of it.

Lack of maintenance problems:

The air filter is dirty: this can cause the intermittent function of the device, also back smoke, and overheat. This happens when you haven’t given proper maintenance to the air filter which needs to be constantly checked and clean up or change, depending on the status of the filter. 

Dirt in the carburetor: this is also one of the most important things in the maintenance of the lawnmower because it can make the useful life of it really short. If the carburetor is nor working properly due to dirt and contamination, it can lead to critical wear of the engine, so it has to be clean a few times per year.

Deposits of grass and dirt in the blade of the lawnmower: this another frequent failure due to the lack of maintenance of the lawnmower so always make sure that blades are clean and free from debris, grass, and dirt.

Check your oil level and appearance:

every time that you will use your engine remembers to always check the oil while it is cold. Your oil needs to be changed every few days so it can properly lubricate the engine. This is really important too cause it can affect critically the useful life of your lawnmower. 

Find inside of your engine the oil dipstick and twist to pull it out. Using a clean rag, wipe off the engine oil from the dipstick.
Reinsert the dipstick, and pull it out once more and look at the color and amount of oil. And “Add” line means you should add more oil as the level is low. The color should resemble honey and have no noticeable debris or contamination.
Is there any signs of smoke going out from your lawnmower:  another thing that can guide us to different sources of the problem can be the smoke, and you have to always be aware of it and if there is the smoke going out from the lawnmower to pay attention to the color because this can tell us a lot of what is going on inside the engine.

The smoke can be with, and blue this can make things more complicate and I will recommend you to check with a professional, but if the smoke is back, it can be because the carburetor or the air filter are contaminated and dirty, also can mean that the oil or the fuel is in bad shape.

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