Corded Hedge Trimmer Or Cordless Hedge Trimmer,Which One to Pick

Do you want to easily keep hedges, shrubs, or bushes manageable without having back pain? Suppose your garden area isn’t that big, then any hedge trimmer will do the trick for you. But you can consider about best-corded hedge trimmer. Which can also do the job as you want.

However, there are mainly three types of hedge trimmers available in the market. Those are….

  1. Manual hedge trimmer
  2. Corded hedge trimmer
  3. Cordless hedge trimmer

These trimmers are powered by various power sources that depend on the type of hedge trimmer. Today I will talk about these three types of hedge trimmers and how you can use them efficiently.

How to use a manual hedge trimmer?

To trim manually, you will need a manual hedge trimmer. This cutting option is considered as a traditional way to manage gardening. Shearing hedges by hand is a very tedious task, everyone. If you apply a few tricks and utilize the right tools, then it can be an effortless job for you. There is nothing fancy about using a hedge trimmer manually. It is straightforward, just aim and cut the way you want. You might want to look at some variations of the manual hedge trimmer. This way, you can select what you most need and fits you. This should make your hedge pruning easier.

How to use a corded hedge trimmer?

Corded hedge trimmer uses electricity; that’s why you will have a lighter and quieter experience compared to gas trimmers. Additionally, they are cheaper and possess more power than cordless trimmers. Today we will learn about how to use a corded hedge trimmer? If you know how to use a trimmer, then you can manage your garden more efficiently. It will be your best choice to keep under control of your messy garden. To operate your trimmer, you need to have a few things first. After arranging those things, we can move on.

Corded Hedge Trimmer Or Cordless Hedge Trimmer,Which One to Pick

Things you will need

  1. Power hedge trimmer
  2. Short-bladed manual hedge pruner
  3. Lawn Rake
  4. Yard waste bags
  5. Wheelbarrow
  6. Heavy leather work gloves

Keeping hedges and shrubs neat and healthy is a quick job using a hedge trimmer. Track these step by step process to use manual and power hedge trimmers securely and efficiently to endorse the progress of your shrubbery.

Step 1: Connect your hedge trimmer to a power supply

First, connect the hedge trimmer with power supply using a safety-rated extension cord. Select an extension cord that can offer nearly 3 feet movement to reach upward while using. Cord length is also an essential factor in usability.

All the time, hold the hedge trimmer cord behind you, and while trimming your hedge, keep the blades up and in front.

Step 2: Determine the Shape for Your Hedge

Generally, healthier hedges have little A-shaped formation, which lets sunshine to reach ground level. This continues the strong growth of main stems and roots. In summer, you need to reshape the edges of your garden.

When hedges have its full leaf trim, it. If you have used the bottom narrower before maybe, it’s the right time to use a trimmer. During the late summer restructure evergreen hedges, and in July and September trim fast-growing hedges.

Step 3: First-time usage tips

If you have never used a corded hedge trimmer before, start using it, holding with your two hands at the lowest speed. This way, you will gain experience and can adapt the vibration, movement, and a few other features. Keep your practice until you are a pro.

For square shape hedges, you need to use the hedge trimmer from sideways. You can shape hedges evenly at your desired height. Move the trimmer upward to get rid of the undesirable growth, from the sides. Please don’t trim inward near the bottom of the hedge.

To form a rounded top, from the hedge top, start pruning using an upward stroke of around three inches. Move the corded hedge cutter blades in the direction of a center of the hedge, using a slight angle to generate the curve. Reapply the sloped cut process on the other side of the fence.

Step 4:

Clear up the mess this step; you need to collect all trimmed twigs and branches using a lawn rake and keep them in a wheelbarrow. Then put the hedge trimmings in a lawn waste bag. You should use a recyclable waste bag for the sake of the green environment. That’s it.

Step 5: Safety tips

Preserve the hedges clipped to a certain level that you can reach securely from the ground. Another important tip is don’t climb to a stepladder to trim your hedge top. Never use an electric hedge trimmer during rain. To avoid sun scorching, please only trim your hedges in the early morning or before sunset. This is the best practice.

How to use a cordless hedge trimmer?

If you can use a corded hedge trimmer, then you won’t have any problem using a cordless hedge trimmer because there no big difference between them. Using methods are almost the same. I will talk about here what you could get if you start using a cordless hedge trimmer.

Cordless trimmers can also be categorized as electric trimmers. But one major difference is, for power source, they use a rechargeable battery instead of a wired power source, which gives them a little more freedom to play around.

However, when we compare them with regularly wired trimmers, we might not get the expected result due to its less power supply. Cordless trimmers also have another limitation like you need to recharge them now and then. If you don’t renew, it merely won’t work.

Because of its transportable feature, cordless trimmers are quite handy for outdoor trimming usage. You can trim bushes, hedges around you without having much noise. To use it more efficiently, you need to recharge it more repeatedly.

Another little disadvantage is you can only trim small stems and branches on your hedges.  So, this might discourage you a little bit if you want to cut large, thick stems and branches.

Corded Hedge Trimmer Or Cordless Hedge Trimmer,Which One to Pick

Frequently Asked Questions:

Question: How long should I need to use the hedge clipper continuously?

Answer: This is also depending on your trimmer’s weight and how long you are holding it comfortably.

Question: How far from a power source is the farthest hedge?

Answer:  It depends only on how long extension cable you have with your hedge trimmer. If your hedge is far away from your cord’s length, in this case, you should try to use an alternative trimmer.

Question: How thickest stems and branches can I cut?

Answer: You need to use a larger gapped toothed trimmer for thicker stems and branches.


You can own a beautiful garden just like that if you can manage your garden correctly. The peace of mind looking at your trimmed bushes and hedges are amazing. In this final section, you should have learned how to use various types of hedge trimmers. Now the only thing you need is a best-corded hedge trimmer or suitable manual or powerful cordless hedge trimmer.

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