Best Gas Grills Under 500$. Pick The Best Of 2020 From Here.

Are you burning your midnight oil in hunger to make your meat tender?  You need a gas grill not only to have a sumptuous meal but also to enjoy the barbecue with your guests. You may be a foodie experimenting with different cuisine or a professional cook having the home catering service. Without a proper oven, it is challenging to bring taste to the barbecue as per your expectations. Multiple varieties of gas grills are available in the market with varied specifications making it rather impossible to have a right selection without a proper guide. A quick guide can help you to purchase the correct grill and fulfill your need.While purchasing a gas grill, you should not only consider the looks & the budget but bring home the best. Below is a list of 5 Gas Grill Under $500 among the lot.

Comparison Of 5 Best Gas Grills Under 500$


Cooking Area


Latest Price


650 sq. Inches

127.6 pounds


424 sq. inches

130 pounds

Chef's Grill 3-Burner

552 sq. inches

75 pounds


280 sq. inches

42.5 pounds


393 sq. inches

83.5 pounds

Chef's Grill 3-Burner RT2417S-1 36000-BTU, Gas Grill Liquid-Propane

It is one of the best products from the house of Chef’s Grill when it comes to a gas grill.


  • Large cooking area giving more space for filling the grill
  • The wheels on the grill allow you transport it to your favorite spot
  • The side tables come in handy for keeping the ingredients


  • Does not come with a grill cover
  • The burners are 430 grades of steel which is not good

Key Features

  • The complete body of the griller, as well as the burners, is made of stainless steel.
  • The ignition is electronic so that you can fire up the grill with a turn of a knob.
  • The cooking grate rods have a diameter of 7 mm. Stainless steel is used both for the bars & the rods.
  • The cooking area is 552 sq. Inches.
  • The warming rack is 142 sq. Inches.
  • The back of the grill is powder coated, and the sides are of stainless steel.
  • A thermometer is included to give the correct temperature of the griller.
  • The grill comes with wheels.
  • The grill has two side folding stainless steel tables.
  • The weight of the grill is 75 lbs.
  • The manufacturer gives a warranty of 10 years on the burners

Weber 57060001 Liquid Propane Q3200 Grill

This Gas Grill Under $500 works perfectly spreading uniform heat throughout the grill so that the barbeques are equally cooked.


  • Light in grill handle enables cooking in the dark or low lights
  • Heats uniformly without cold spots
  • The grill out handle is light


  • Cannot be detachable from the cart and not easily portable
  • The side tables do not fold
  • The frame is of nylon
  • It has oversize covers

Key Features

  • Two steel burners producing 21700 BTU per hour of heat.
  • The total cooking area is 393 square inches.
  • The cooking grates are of cast iron that has an enamel of porcelain on them.
  • The body and the lid of the grill are of die-cast aluminum.
  • The ignition, of the burners, is electronic and requires AAA battery.
  • The burner valves have infinite control settings.
  • It has a design of open cart.
  • There is a built-in thermometer attached to the lid to adjust the temperature.
  • The grill has side folding table that one can remove when not in use.
  • The nylon frame comes with glass re-enforcement, and the grill has a bottom shelf too.
  • You can remove the catch pan.
  • A light is fitted on grill handle.
  • The weight of the grill is 83.8 pounds.

Weber 54060001 Liquid Propane Q2200 Grill

If you are looking for a lightweight Gas Grill Under $500, then this is one of the best models.


  • Lightweight & easy to transport
  • The side table folds


  • Do not come with a cart
  • The side tables are made of plastic

Key Features

  • It has only one burner that can produce 12,800 BTU of heat.
  • The total cooking area is 280 square inches.
  • The cooking grates are of cast iron having an enamel of porcelain on them.
  • The body and the lid of the grill are of die-cast aluminum.
  • The body and the lid of the grill are of die-cast aluminum.
  • The thermometer on the lid can read temperature up to 600 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • It works on the technology of infinite control burner settings.
  • It works on 14.1 or 16.4 oz disposable liquid propane cylinders.
  • The side table folds inside it while not in use.
  • It comes with removable catch pan.
  • The nylon frame is glass reinforced. The weight of the grill is 42.5 pounds.

 Char-Broil-Performance-650-Burner Cabinet Liquid Propane Gas Grill

It is suitable for doing barbeques in an assembly of many people. It is a robust, sturdy Gas Grill Under 500 to enjoy the party with a happy note.


  • The grill is made of stainless steel, and the design is very ergonomic
  • The cabinet has ample storage space
  • It generates total 70,000 BTU of heat
  • It has removable type grease pan that is easy to clean


  • Require much energy
  • Weighs 127.6 pounds and difficult to transport
  • Need professionals to assemble the unit

Key Feature

  • It has six burners that provide 60,000 BTU of heat with 10,000 BTU lidded side burner.
  • The primary cooking area is 650 square inches, and the secondary cooking area is 280 square inches.
  • The central cooking area comes with cast iron grates coated with porcelain.
  • The secondary cooking area has swing-away racks covered with porcelain.
  • There are large metal shelves on both sides for keeping materials
  • The cabinet has two doors
  • Electronic ignition is a part of it and can be easily flamed up.
  • The heat is spread evenly on all parts of the oven.

Weber 46510001 Liquid Propane Spirit E310 Gas Grill

It is another gift from the house of Weber in the list of Gas Grill Under $500.


  • The temperature gauge is on the front cover giving an easy view of the running temperature of the grill
  • The control panel is in the front allowing smooth operation of the grill.
  • The design on which is very ergonomic


  • Weighs 130 pounds and difficult to transport
  • The shelves do not fold down and take more space for storing

Key Features

  • Three stainless steel burners can heat up to 32,000/hr.
  • The cooking area is 424 square inches, and the warming area is 105 inches.
  • The grates are of cast iron. The grate and the flavoring bars are porcelain enameled.
  • The electronic ignition system is a push-button type with crossover technology.
  • After assembling, the dimensions are 63 inches by 53 inches with the lid in open position.
  • The cabinet comes with a single door with steel handle.
  • There is a fuel gauge that gives you the idea of your fuel in the tank.
  • It has ten years limited warranty on the lid, burners and the cook box.

Buyers Guide For Best Gas Grill Under 500 $

Before you finalize to purchase the gas grill under $500, make sure to define the purpose. Every gas grill serves various purposes. Some are heavy duty, and some are light duty. Depending upon your utilization need, you should purchase the gas grill. If you are a home-maker wanting to enjoy the barbecue with your family or friends, a small or medium duty gas grill is more than enough for your purpose. However, if you are in a catering business, your need will be for a heavy duty big size grill in which you can barbecue the meat, fish or the vegetables quickly, as well as in volumes in one filling.

Decide on the heat or the   BTU per hour you require. For professionals, it is better to buy a gas grill that can give more heat, again, for a foodie making barbecues at home with few members in attendance it is wastage of fuel if you buy a gas grill with high BTU. However, you should keep one thing in mind that a good gas grill should have the power not less than 100 BTU/ square inches. Anything below that, avoid buying.

Next, decide on the cooking area.  The calculation is in square inches.  For a family of 4 members, you need a minimal cooking area of 400 square inches. However, if you are going to a fishing rendezvous, buy a smaller gas grill will less cooking area as an additional area without material to cook means heat loss.

The number of burners on the in the grill is very vital. For a family of four, a two burner gas grill under $500 is enough to feed the hungry birds. A 3 burner can satisfy the needs of 8 to 12 people. Beyond that number, you need to have a gas grill with more burners.

Apart from the cooking area consider the footprints of the grill while purchasing. You should always try to buy a gas grill with side tables that fold when not in use. Storage space is a significant problem. So buy a gas grill that takes minimum space for storing. Apparently, for professional caterers, this is not applicable as their primary purpose is to feed many. Even heavyweight gas grills come with folding side trays and warmers.

While choosing a gas grill, prefer to buy that have stainless steel burners. They last for many years. These burners, made from perforated tubes and the gas burns with a blue flame, an indication of high temperature.

Look for the gas burner that distributes heat uniformly throughout the grill making all parts of your marinated stuff tender without leaving anyplace raw. Without proper heat distribution inside the grill, you will never have good barbecues.

Always look for stainless steel grill body. Those last long and are easy to maintain without allowing rust to settle in grill body. Look for the best quality of the steel used. To find out which steel is better, take a magnet with you. If the magnet sticks to the grill, consider it as poor quality steel that will not last long. If otherwise, it is best quality steel.

Check for the gas grills lid weight. The heavier is the better. The lid sits firmly on the grill due to heavyweight, arising from the gauge of the sheet. Heat loss, due to radiation is less keeping the inside of the grill hotter.

 Check the manufacturer’s warranty. You should buy a gas grill with the extended warranty period. Ascertain before purchase if the warranty is limited or general. A gas grill with an extended period of guarantee is always preferred as it reflects the manufacturer’s confidence in the product in another way.

Frequently asked question

Question:  How To Clean A Gas Grill?

Answer:  After every use, clean the grates with the wire brush so that food particles do not stick to the grates helping bacteria to form. After cleaning with the wired brush, prevent the rust with some vegetable oil. For cleaning both sides of the grill use the mild detergent with warm water and moist a soft rag and rub gently on the surfaces.

Question:  Why Is The Grill Not Lighting Upon Pressing The Auto-Ignition Button?

Answer: It may be due to many reasons.

•    The battery required for auto-ignition has dried up. Replace the battery and see.

•    The propane gas cylinder is empty. Use a cylinder that has gas into it.

•    Make sure the electrode is in igniter mode.

•    Check the gas hoses for clogging.

Question: The Ignition Battery Not Dead, The Gas Cylinder Is Full, And Still, My Grill Is Not Lighting Up, What To Do?

Answer:  You should always contact the service department and sort out the problem. However, if you are in a place unable to reach the service department of the manufacturer but need to light up the gas grill do the following:

•    Turn off the gas knob immediately to stop the gas build up inside the grill.

•    Open the lid and wait for the built-up gas to clear.

•   Light up the gas grill manually with a matchstick or a lighter immediately after turning on the gas knob. Ensure not to throw the lighted matchstick inside the grill and then on the gas otherwise it may be fatal.

Question: Why Am I Having A Low Output Of Heat On My Barbecue Grill?


•    The gas in the cylinder is nearing to end may be one cause.

•    The pressure sensors inside the regulator get engaged when there is back pressure. If there is a leak in the system, the gas flow reduces automatically with the help of the pressure sensors, alerting the user to check for the problem.

•     Check if the piping size is right and as per the grill’s gas demand.

•    In a windy day, it may happen as the flames are dislocated randomly from the target to heat.

•    Check the burners, See that all the perforations on the burner are open allowing a consistent blue flame. Any blockage in the burner perforations may cause heating disorder of the gas grill.

Question: Why Is My Gas Grill Flaring Up?

 Answer: If you clean your gas grill regularly it will not flare up is the gas grill, unlike traditional ones. Flaring up of a gas grill indicates too much grease has accumulated on the tray or ash has coated the plates, and fat drippings are absorbing in them.


Thus, while purchasing gas grills within your budget, buy the best, preparing yourself reading the various salient features and reviews and judging your need accordingly. The gas grill should serve your purpose and should not be a decorative piece in your home. For the professionals, it is advised to cross-check time and again before sealing a deal else with a wrong gas grill you may hear the music. You may take a free demonstration, ask your neighbors or grill the salesperson asking about all the technicalities and after getting answers to your satisfaction go for the purchase. Read the warranty manuals, the replacement clauses and then only move forward. Well-Barbequed meat, fish, or the vegetables changes the mood and gives a lip-smacking experience satisfying the taste buds. Serving the food after preparing correctly, brings a sense of joy both to the cook as well as guests. So, enjoy grilling buying the correct gas grill as per your need.