Everything you need to know about Orchids, Nobody Tells You.

Orchids are one of the most beautiful species of the flower of the entire plant kingdom. Orchids beauty combines with exotic looks and diverse set of appearances. The orchid family is distributed in about 763 genera and currently have about 28000 species. Orchidaceae is a member of the Asparagales order. The tag Orchid comes from the Greek word “orchis”. Orchids have some very evident characteristic which makes them easily distinguishable from other plants. Some of those characteristics are very small seeds, highly modified petal, fused stamens, and carpels. Orchids lack permanent woody structure. They are perennial herbs. Orchids lifespan depends on the variety of orchid and the type of care a plant receive. A Phalaenopsis orchid even has the potential to live for a decade. Orchid is primarily tropical plant when the entire family is considered orchid have a wide ecological distribution.

Everything you need to know about Orchids

Types of Orchid

Considering growth types Orchid flower could be divided into 2 types.

Epiphytic orchids don’t grow on soil, they grow on tree branches. Even though they as to be parasitic, but they mean no harm to the trees they grow on.

Terrestrial Orchid grows on the ground.


Orchids are very different from regular plants. Instead of soil, they need good air flow and drainage. That’s where potting mix comes in.

A good potting mix should retain moisture, drain swiftly, offer good circulation and should be slow to decompose.  It’s important to choose the best medium for your orchid because it will determine the amount of air flow your plant will get, how much and how often you need to water your plant. Your choice of medium will directly affect the health of the plant. There is no one combination which works best for every orchid plant. You will have to experiment and figure out what will work best for your plants.

Everything you need to know about Orchids


Generally, orchids need repotting in fresh medium in every 1 to 2 years. Your success depends on the timing of your reportting. There is some sign which will tell you that you need to repot your plant. The signs are:

  • The plant is growing out of its container
  • Potting media is decomposing or breaking down
  • Overgrown roots
  • Roots starting to rot or become diseased

If the above signs are visible, you will require a new container and change out your potting medium. To get a new potting mix you can either buy it or make it by yourself.

Lifespan of an Orchid plant

The lifespan of an orchid plant and blossom can be extended by giving proper care and attention to the plant’s needs. The orchid plant does not have a specific lifespan, orchids can live even up to 100 years. But after 15 to 20 years’ plants will naturally become weaker. They will not produce many blossoms. Over time the plant’s natural immune system become worn down by natural bacteria and fungi. The disease can be prevented by repotting orchids after every 2 or 3 years. With age, orchids become more prone to disease and become more problematic. At a time like this considering the replacement of the plant is a good idea.

Everything you need to know about Orchids

Lifespan of blossom

Orchid plant continually produces new flowers. Blossom on planted or potted orchids may last for up to six months but some orchids last only a few hours. If you care for your orchid you should cut the leaves for about three weeks, change the water every 2 days. Flowers should be kept out of direct sunlight, which may scorch the leaves and blossom if it’s too strong.

Orchids are incredibly beautiful. They are long-lasting and easy to care. Orchids often have a place in houses and offices. But not many of us know much about orchids. Here are some interesting facts about the orchid flower that you need to know:

  • There are 28000 species of orchid around the world
  • Even though orchids grow on every continent, they are thought of as a tropical plant
  • Smallest orchid is the size of a dime
  • The vanilla orchid is the only commercially grown crops ( and its vanilla bean)
  • Orchids seed is the smallest seeds in the world
  • Orchids roots are not like other plants root
  • In a single orchid seedpod, there can be 3 million seeds
  • Some orchid flower bloom merely for hours, while others last up to 6 month
  • Mature orchid flower grow upside down
  • The lifespan of an orchid plant could be up to 100 years
  • Orchids are one of the most popular houseplants of all time.

Orchids are plants with so many verities of species. These species contain so many beautiful orchid plants. With proper care, orchid plants can become a beautiful part of your house or office. Orchids need air flow. Keep your orchid in a warm place with ventilation. Orchids cannot tolerate direct light.

These long lasting and easy to care stunning flower would make the perfect gift for anyone.   

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