Your Complete Guide To Buy The Best Cheap Snow Blowers, Expert opinion 2019

A snow blower is a machine that cut or destroyed snow. A snow blower through away snow from the place you wish. Generally, this machine is for places like where there is undesirable snowfall and its causing people problems. For example, if there is snowfall in all places where people usually travel including roads, airports, railway stations or railways, then this snow blower is needed. Because of the snowfall these places are completely closed or blocked and it also has harmful effects on public life. So there is no alternative to Snow Blower to make the place snow free. If you live in an area that experiences high-density snowfall than there is no getting around the need for a good snow blower. But the problem is choosing one. Let’s talk about cheap snow blowers.

There are several types of snow blower based on the engine. Snow blower engines remain powered by gas, electricity, and diesel. The snow blower generally has two types: single-stage and two-stage.


There is a paddle-like device in front of the Single-stage Snow Blower. This is called Auger. Which allows the ice to enter the machine due to its rotation. Occasionally this auger touches the surface when it is rotating. As a result, Single-stage Snow Blower is not suitable for working on raw surfaces.


The auger in front of a two-stage snow blower, it pulls the ice into the machine. And the machine has created a high-speed spark. As a result, the snow is thrown away with the snow throwers. But it can be used on raw surfaces because the auger does not contact with the surface.

What are the factors to consider when buying a Snow Blower?

There are lots of option out there, and while they seem similar but different snow blower deliver significantly different results. When you are almost sure for buying snow blower because you want to save your time and back, it is important to take care of some issues. Because you are already sure that, there is no alternative of the snow blower to remove the snow after snowfall from your sidewalks, driveway and in your area or place of residence. Knowing the regional snowfall rate will play a great part in your pursue of a snow blower. So before buying this machine you must know the details of this. This is how we can prepare the topics:


  1. The size

  2. The price

  3. reputation

The size of Snow Blowers  

  • Home Use

If you buy a snow blower for cutting snow around your residential place then it is best to buy a small size single stage Snow Blower. If you live in area where it doesn’t snow that much than you don’t need an expensive high powered snow blower. Buy a lightweight snow blower for the convenience of carrying. It is quite a good snow blower which can be used in 6-12 inch depth snow.

  • Use Snow Blowers professionally

If you buy a snow blower for business purposes, then you should buy a bigger two stage snow blower. That has more work ability and snow throwing power. Because if you use it commercially then this snow blower will have to heavy duty. And have to move in different places. If there is a snowfall in a hill, it may also be used here. And if your place of residence experience higher snowfall then you need to get something that can handle it. So it has to more throwing distance.

The price of Snow Blowers

The price is a key factor while buying any product. So it's also for the snow blower. Because we all have a budget. There are various types of snow blower on the market. It costs up to 150$- 5,000$. But from this, you have to pick the best snow blower. A low priced machine may at first seem appealing, but it’s a lot less valuable if you have to replace the machine within a year. And it is like the cheap snow blowers. But how do you choose it? You should read the whole thing to know it.

Snow Blowers​​​​​​​​​​ reputation

To buy a snow blower, you have to invest a lot of money. To make your investment successful you should also check out the brands before buying a snow blower. Many companies have produced the snow blower and from there you have to choose the best company product. For this reason, you will find many companies product reviews when you search the internet. With some ideas from them, you can ensure a good quality snow blower.

Choosing the Right Snow Blower

Based on a few topics, select the best snow blower. The details are discussed in detail.

  • Engine Size 

Engine size is a key factor for the snow blower. Especially when searching for the best single-stage gas snow blower, it will be the main point. Because of, it will define the performance of other parts of your machine. General customers prefer 200cc engines. However, it is good to have a 200-400cc engine for the medium size snow blower. And the snow blower's engine of 300-400cc is best for professional use. In the case of the gas blower, the engine size will determine how much gas will be spent and how much energy will be generated? Naturally, the cost of fuel for big engines is a little higher.

  • Width

It is most important after the engine size that is the amplitude of the auger. The magnitude of auger will determine how much snow you can cut at one time. The more widespread auger can cut much snow together and take less time. Because of, nobody wants that after the snowfall to work longer in the cold weather. There is a possibility of health damage. So it is quite good to buy a snow blower with a more widespread auger.

  • Throwing distance

This is one of the most important issues. It is necessary to know how much snow throwing distance in the snow blower that you will buy. For example, suppose you work on moving the snow from airport driveway. Now, what will happen then if your machine has less snow throwing power? Because the place is large, you will cut snow from one place and throw it but it will fall into another place in the driveway due to the less power thrower. As a result, it will be cleared again and throw out of the border of the driveway. You have to do the same work twice. So there should be a throwing distance of approximately 20-25 ft.

  • Intake height

Intake height will determine how much snow can be removed at a time from the depth of one path or deck. There no point in having a snow blower that can only manage an inch of snow. You need one that is capable of coping with small drifts and the pile. If there is a regular snowfall in your area, then you should buy the long Intake height's snow blower. This kind of snow blower is needed that can remove the snow from 18 inches deep. That means 18 inches intake height. 

  • Accessories

The extra features are important for those who do their snow removal when its dark. Beyond showing the path in front, it has an added safety benefit even during day light. A halogen light is needed as an accessory. That will help you to work at night. Then you can keep a big chain with the snow blower. If the machine is stuck in the snow, it can be easily pulled by this chain. Besides, the machine can keep a large cloth special for covering. Because it will temporarily protect your machine when the snowfall will starts suddenly in working time.

  • Adjustment

You should be able to make certain adjustments with your snow blower, you need to be able to change the direction of the chute so, you will be able to clear snow with more efficiency. And you would also want an adjustable handle so that different people can use it when needed.

The gas engine Snow Blower is operated by 4-stroke cycle engine.

 Top 6 Cheap Snow Blowers reviews by experts

Snow Joe iON18SB Single Stage Snow Blower

Snow Joe iON18SB is one of the best snow blowers to remove snow from roads, sidewalks, driveway. Snow Joe iON is a new version for the Snow Joe lineup. It's just 32 lbs weight which is very easy to carry. Due to lightweight, it is very easy to pick up on the snow stack. To remove snow in the night, the iON connected headlight will make your place visible.


Snow Joe iON18SB operated by EcoSharp Technology and it is a 40-volt battery powered snow blower. The iON continued to work for 50 minutes on the whispered sound without any emission of carbon. A Cordless Dynamo attached with 500-watt brush less motor, which increases the battery's power.

Features & Specification

  • Battery Powered.

  • 40 Volt Engine.

  • Single-stage electric snow blowers.

  • Dynamo.

  • 2 years warranty.


  • Carrying ability is very good.
  • The ability to snow throwing is quite good.
  • Does not pollute the sound and does not emit carbon.
  • Using rules are very easy and easy to operate.
  • Lights are provided, so work can be done at night. 
  • With the Dynamo, increase the power of the battery


  • Cannot be kept on wet snow.
  • It's hard to work in deep snow. 
  • Starting machine is a bit cumbersome

Greenworks 20-Inch 13 AMP Corded Snow Thrower

Greenworks is one of the best brands. They brought many types of products to the market, all of whom have been loyal to customers. 13 AMP motor's snow thrower can remove snow from the road to 20 inches width and driveway. That means it is able to remove the snow from 20 inches width and 10 inches depth. But the throwing power is not so large. The 7-inch wheels-rich of snow blowers weight is only 30 pounds. That is very easy to carry. However, initially, during the electric start can cause problems due to temperature-related reasons.

Features & Specification

  • 13 AMP powerful motor.

  • Electric start.

  • 180-degree chute.

  • Folding Handle.


  • It can be used during the snowfall.
  • there is no problem.With adjustable chute.
  •  you can throw ice in the 180-degree angle.
  • It is easily portable.
  • Can work on any surface.
  • Does not create noise and vibration.
  • Available at cheap prices.
  • Four-year warranty.


  • There is a possibility of powering off after using twice.
  • Low throwing distance.

Honda HS720AA 20" 187cc Single-Stage Snow Blower

One of the most powerful snow blower. It is a single-stage snow blower and powered by the gas engine. The other products of Honda Company have great popularity. Operated by the 187cc engineThe snow thrower's throwing power is one of the best in which snow thrower in the market. About 33 feet of throwing distance. And 20-inch snow removal ability. Which usually does not contain other snow blowers. Most of the snow blower can remove snow from 12-18 inch wide and depth. More than 800 kg of snow can be removed per minutes. Which is really very strong. You can remove snow from the airport, big roads, grounds, and large areas. This is undoubtedly the best single stage snow blower. In most cases, the single-stage snow blower is very strong and can be said to be fairly small. It is used for comparatively light snow clearing.

Features & Specification

  • Single Stage snow blower.

  • 187 cc engine.

  • Gas Powered.

  • 33 feet throwing distance.

  • 204-degree turning radius.


  • 55 tons of snow can clear per hour, which is undoubtedly the best snow blower.
  • There is no difficulty in starting in cold weather.
  • More throwing distances.
  • Thrower can rotate around 204 degrees.
  • Weight is very light (40 kg).


  • Fuel cost is high. 
  • Price is comparatively high

Snow Joe Ultra SJ623E Electric Snow Thrower

Among the best companies in the market, Snow Joe is one of the best. Snow Joe Ultra SJ623E is the best products of this company. There are many demands in the market. Basically, a 20-watt large halogen has attached to it, which has increased its popularity multiplied. 15 AMP powerful motors can clear snow from 18 inches wide and 10 inches depth.  About of 327 kg snow is able to remove per minutes. Which is much more than the other snow blower. Incomparable for removing snow from large and medium roads, driveways, decks etc. 

Features & Specification

  • 15 AMP electric motor

  • 20 watt light

  • 25 feet throwing distance

  • 180-degree adjustable chute

  • Safety switch

  • 4-blade rotor


  • There is no disturbance in changing oil or gas, as it is electric power.
  • 25 feet throwing distance, which is good.
  • Easy to using rules.There are safety switches.
  • thumbs-up
    You can be work on any day or night due to 20-watt halogen lamps.


  • There is no wheel, so it is trouble to pull.
  • Cannot be placed on more snow.

Snow Joe Ultra SJ625E Electric Snow Thrower

Without any doubt, it is the best snow thrower. A 3 watt LED light has enhanced the quality of the snow thrower. Because of the led light, you can work in the stubborn fog in the winter months. Even without sunlight in the day, there will be no problem. Its 15 AMP 21-inch powerful motor can remove 800-pound snow in per minutes. Gas and oil-free machines.  It can be able to remove snow from medium-width roads and small pavement. It can be work by placing upon about one-foot high snow layer. Actually, there are very few such snow blowers are found.

Features & Specification

  • Electric Powered

  • With Led Light

  • 15 Amp Motor

  • Clearing width 21 In

  • Powerful Thrower

  • Safety Switch

  • Quick Start

  • Steel Auger With 2 Rubber Blades


  • Due to the LED light, you can work in day and night anytime.
  • By the strong thrower, the snow can be throw maximum is 20 feet (6m) away.
  • Steel auger with 2 rubber blades can remove 800 pounds of snow per minutes.
  • There are safety switches.It does not require any kinds of oil so it does not pull any germs.
  •  There is no trouble for gas or oil change.​​​​


  • This machine cannot work if the snow is not dry. Without dry condition, it’s not possible to work with it.
  • It cannot work if the Intake height of snow is more than one feet.

Classic Accessories 52-003-040105-00 Two-Stage Snow Thrower Cover

It is the suitable cover for making your snow blower usable in any weather. There is a separate lid for each of the equipment that keeps snow blower safe for years to years.  This is a two-stage snow thrower cover. In one word it can be said as a snow blower’s accessories.

Features & Specification

  • Integrated storage bag.

  • Weather Protected Fabric.

  • 1-year warranty.


  • The snow blower can be used in any type of weather as sunshine, rain, snowfall.
  • It can never be compressed, expanded, or tear off.
  • A two-stage snow thrower can be completely covered with its length.
  • It has pin-like buttons which can be placed firmly on the four sides of the thrower.
  • Provides very good protection at a little price.
  • It's very easy to set up.


  • It can fly in the air because it is too thin.

Ariens Sno-Tek 24 in. 2-Stage Gas Snow Blower

Ariens Sno-Tek 24 in. snow blower made in a metal body. This snow blower is more powerful than other snow blowers. It is capable of clearing a 24-in-one width and 20-inch deep from the snow-level. It is possible that much work can be done in a very short time. It can be used if there is snowfall in large areas. It cannot be used in small places. With the help of this 280cc engine, more than 1000 kilograms of ice can be removed every minute. Due to the 205 degrees Chute Turning Radius, you can throw snow around wherever you want.

Features & Specification

  • Electric Start

  • Gas powered 208 cc engine

  • Metal body.

  • Remote chute deflector

  • Aggressive wheel

  • Aluminum gear case


  • Due to the high power, work can be done very quickly.
  • 12 inch Free Resistant BladeThe wheel is bigger and stronger.


  • More valuable and very heavy snow blower.


  • What type of snow blower is best for personal use?

Single stage snow blower is best for personal use. It is too small and lightweight. It’s the cheapest too.

  • Can I use a snow blower on wet snow?

Not all snow blower can be used on wet ice. The heavyweight snow blower can be used.

  • What is the difference between a single stage and two stage snow blower?

Single-stage comparatively small and light snow clearing machine. On the contrary, the two-stage snow blower is very big and weigh too much.Read more 

  • What is the snow thrower?

The snow thrower is a part of the snow blower that threw the snow away after cutting.

Important note for you| Snow blower safety alert.

you have to be careful while using a snow blower. Because being safe is more important than getting the work done.  Various types of accidents can occur during the using time of the snow blower. Moreover, you have to work by standing on the ice. So keep up with the necessary clothes. Loose pants, scarves and jackets can easily get tangled in the moving parts of the snow blower. Thick shoes, glasses, warm clothes all you need to do to protect you from snowfall.  Appropriate footwear will help to prevent fall and slip injuries. Pay close attention while you are using snow blower and refrain from the use of any drug, alcohol or medication. Start your snow blower outside the garage or shed. And most gas-powered snow blowers are loud so wear ear plug or other hearing protection. Never discharge snow towards any people, traffic or area where damage could occur. While snow blowing keep your children’s indoor. Be sure to take rest when you get tired.  And when the snow blower suddenly gets unbearable, it will be temporarily put together to keep it with plus, screwdriver, electric cable etc.

Final Word

Lastly, a cheap snow blower isn’t a pipe dream. You can find several machines that will be able to handle your driveway snowfall and not cost you much. Before the investment in buying the snow, blower look at and try to understand all things about snow blower. All the snow blower machine do the same thing but some do it better than the others. We hope that our review has made it easy for you to find out the best snow blower on the market to fit your needs. Among the many snow blower on the market this guide gives you an idea of what to look for. If necessary, read more reviews from online. Because of most of the snow blowers are not cheap. So, if you have the right experience, your investment will be successful. Then you can use it as you wish. If you can buy a good snow blower successfully, you and your neighbors will not have to worry about snowfall for the next winter season. From now on you are ready to deal with snowfall.