Best Gas-Powered Leaf Blower. (Don’t Buy Before Reading This)

Are you facing problems to clear the dried leaves of your garden because fewer leaves are there on the tree branches than your garden yard?

Then you might be looking for an effective solution to clear the dried leaves painlessly and effortlessly. The best gas-powered leaf blower will be a great solution at this point.

After doing an in-depth review, we have enlisted 6 leaf blower in this article. Our editor’s choice is DEWALT DCBL720P1 Brushless Motor Leaf Blower. We picked it because it ensures comfortability while working for a prolonged period with its unique design. Also, it doesn’t create much sound, so you will not be disturbed.

If you are thinking of purchasing a gas-powered leaf blower, we’ll guide you through this article to the right product.

Best Gas-Powered Leaf Blower
  • Durable and efficient leaf blower.
  • Minimal effort is required to start the machine because of the instant-on trigger feature.
  • Comes with 20V Max 5.0Ah Lithium-Ion Battery.
Best Gas-Powered Leaf Blower
  • Excellent blowing and mulching device.  
  • massive power.
  • Includes a wide range of extensions.
  • Adjustable speed option.

6 Best Gas-Powered Leaf Blower - Review

This article intends to provide you with the best review on the gas-powered leaf blower. So, we have practically checked the performance of many leaf blower and come up with high-quality products. Also, to make your decision more precise, we have discussed regarding the types of the leaf blower. Besides, you will get to know about 2 vital terminologies of a leaf blower: CFM and MPH, that are essential to know before purchasing. And a discussion on gas-powered vs electric will assist you in picking the right product.

DEWALT has a prolonged reputation for manufacturing high-quality power tools, and this DEWALT DCBL720P1 Brushless Motor Leaf Blower is also no exception. It comes with 400 CFM power and 90 MPH airspeed makes it an ideal option in cleaning small to medium-sized front or backyard.

Setting up the leaf blower will not let you sweat. Simply give it a full charge before starting, make a connection between the blower tube and the motor housing, and you can begin working with the leaf blower. The notable design of the leaf blower is its battery placement. The device is a well-balanced item since the battery is placed at the bottom of the handle. As a result, you can grip the device comfortably.

It also contains a brushless motor that enhances the durability as well as the performance of the leaf blower. Also, its built-in cruise control will allow you to set the speed as per your choice. You will get a benefit because of this feature working in a longer job because you need to do less work to manage it. Moreover, due to its advanced axial fan design, air output will be maximized, and the run time will be lengthy.

More importantly, when operating the machine with full throttle, it will create only 61dB sound, which is pretty less compared to other leaf blowers in its range.


  • Durable and efficient leaf blower.
  • Minimal effort is required to start the machine because of the instant-on trigger feature.
  • Comes with 20V Max 5.0Ah Lithium-Ion Battery.


  • Fast draining of the battery may happen if you don’t limit full-throttle speed.

Best Gas-Powered Leaf Blower

Are you looking for a best-rated leaf blower? The HITACHI RB24EAP Gas Powered Leaf Blower will be the right choice, for sure. It is designed in such a way so that a professional and a homeowner can use this device without any hassle. It is lightweight and efficient enough to work in a large garden yard.

While purchasing a leaf blower, weight is an important thing that you will need to pay attention to. It comes with 8.6lbs only that is confirming you will not face any problem once you finish your work. Moreover, accomplishing a massive duty task will not be an issue with this leaf blower since it has a 23.99cc engine. Furthermore, its CFM rating is 441, which will allow you to move the stubborn debris from your ground.

Besides, gas-powered leaf blowers are prone to emitting fumes. But this leaf blower is unique from all other leaf blowers because it has a 1.13-horsepower commercial-grade engine that comes with PureFire low-emission 2-stroke technology. This way, it emits fewer fumes, and no harmful impact will happen to the environment. Also, its large 2-finger throttle lever will make any operation easier. 7-years of industrial warranty back this device.

Furthermore, its operating procedure is pretty simple, and it will work efficiently and quickly in cleaning your garden yard.


  • Low-emission 2-stroke technology.
  • Hassle-free operation process.
  • 7-years of limited warranty


  • After 3 – 4 years, the device breaks down.

Best Gas-Powered Leaf Blower

Are you sweating your forehead looking for a longer-lasting, premium quality leaf blower? Look no further and purchase the Husqvarna 965877502 350-BT 2-cycle Gas Backpack Leaf Blower because it is durably made, highly powerful and efficient enough to give your relief while doing leaf blowing job.

The best feature of the leaf blower is – X TORQ engine. Harmful emission reduced because of this feature up to 75% and fuel efficiency increased up to 20%. Also, it contains a 43LiB battery, and it is lightweight as well as doesn’t create much sound. Best of all is, it is cordless so you can experience a convenient leaf blowing session because of its maximum mobility feature. Similar to other battery series handheld products, it also uses a rechargeable battery.

It is designed in such a way so that you can get superior comfortability. After accomplishing a more extended job, you will not feel any strain at any of your body parts. It comes with low vib technology that absorbs vibration and reduces the pressure on your hands and arms. Also, you can adjust its tube length without any hassle to get the best performance. Using the cruise controller, setting the fan speed is not a challenging task. Moreover, the controls are well-gathered and easy to access.


  • The right solution for the specific need.
  • Smarter choice with all easy to access features.
  • Let you handle tough jobs conveniently.


  • Tricky to start.

Best Gas-Powered Leaf Blower

The BLACK+DECKER (LSW221) 20V Max Lithium Sweeper is an excellent option for homeowners who want to give a clean look to their driveway or porch. A 20V 1.5Ah Lithium-Ion battery powers it and airspeed are 130Mph that is unsparing to blow a pile of debris without any trouble.

Leaf blowers need to be lightweight, compact and easy to handle since you may need to work with it for a more extended period. The BLACK+DECKER (LSW221) leaf blower is easy to use and store because of its compact and sleek design. The tube length is long enough that will allow you to aim to a specific area precisely. With the help of its upwards sloping nozzle, you can clean a broad area within the shortest possible time.

Being a cordless design, it doesn’t have any trailing wire and requires any power source to start. Just grab it and start working. Since blowing leaves require a lot of moving around with a bit of heavy object in hand, keeping this point in mind, the manufacturer manufactured it as a lightweight leaf blower with only 4.72lbs. The good news is; the battery comes with an interchangeable feature. It means, if you own any other BLACK+DECKER power tools, you can use the battery of that tool into this leaf blower.


  • Lightweight to reduce fatigue.
  • Interchangeable cordless battery.
  • Hard surface sweeper.


  • Short battery life.

Best Gas-Powered Leaf Blower

The TORO 51621 UltraPlus Leaf Blower is ergonomically designed so that you don’t feel any fatigue in your hands while working for a prolonged period. The device will serve you as a leaf blower, vacuum and shredded – 3 in 1 machine. Don’t assume that being multi-functional, this device is expensive; in fact, it comes with an affordable price.

It is a compact model that comes with a generous long tube. The tube can blow air to the aiming place in order to complete the cleanup process of your driveway and yard. Being powerful, it accomplishes any given task within a short time. Besides, it is an electrical leaf blower, so you can clean your entire garden yard without running out of power.

With 250 airspeeds it is one of the fastest leaf blowers in this list. Moreover, it comes with an adjustable speed controller that will allow you to adjust the speed depending on your task. Furthermore, multiple air tubes are available with the device so that you can perform a wide range of functions.


  • Excellent blowing and mulching device with massive power.
  • Includes a wide range of extensions.
  • Adjustable speed option.


  • Unavailability of anti-vibration features.

Best Gas-Powered Leaf Blower

Do you own a large garden yard with all matured trees? And sweating yourself cleaning the leaves during autumn? Say “bye-bye” to your worries and shake your hands with the Poulan PRO PR48BT Backpack Leaf Bowler as it has a robust 48-cc gas-powered motor. The blower is eligible to throw away big debris like acorns and grass piles.

The powerful engine provides a blowing force at 200mph and 475cfm. You will hardly find a most powerful leaf blower similar to its kind at the price range. Due to all these powerful features, the blower can handle most significant projects and makes it an ideal blower for using a whole day, even every day. Besides, it will provide you with additional convenience with an adjustable speed control throttle that supports cruise control.

Although the size is quite significant because it contains a large engine, you will not face any problem in handling the device. Also, being quite heavy, the blower comes with a harness so that you can carry it on your back. Because of this harness feature, the weight gets distributed evenly so that you can use it for a longer period comfortably.

Thanks to its build-quality, which makes it one of the most durable blowers in the market. It is made of all reliable and high-quality materials, especially the motor. It is specially designed for heavy use projects. Without thinking twice, you can put your trust on it that will ever break your trust.


  • Equipped with a load distributing harness.
  • Made from all durable materials.
  • Robust 2-cycle engine.


  • At full speed, it creates disturbing noise.

Types of Leaf Blower

Leaf blowers are 3 types. Each of them is ideally designed for a specific place, but their functionality is all the same.

  • Handheld leaf blower: This type of leaf blowers is especially ideal for balconies, gazebos and any small lawns. Because of their maneuverability, versatility, and insubstantial feature, they are popular among homeowners. Large debris is not capable of being thrown away but can perform efficiently on light snow, dust and grit.
  • Backpack leaf blower: This leaf blower is renowned for its massive power and longer run time. If you need to cover a large area, this will be an ideal pick. It can clean large shops, garages, fields proficiently. Blowing metal shavings, wet leaves and other bulky items is a matter of time for this type of leaf blowers.
  • Walk-behind leaf blower: Are you a professional? Then this walk behind the leaf blower is for you because they come with a lot of energy and will assist you in completing blowing work quickly. Cardboards, heavy papers, leaves can easily be thrown away from your ground with the help of this blower.

Blower CFM vs MPH: Which One Plays the Vital Role?

This is one of the most common debates that we come across regarding a leaf blower: CFM or MPH, which one plays the vital role?

Well, before participating in the debate, we will need to know the definition of these 2 terms.

  • CFM – Cubic Feet Per Minute

Cubic feet per minute is a measurement of the volume of air released by a blower.

Leaf blower CFM means, in a minute, a leaf blower, releases how many cubic feet of air through the nozzle to clean dried leaves.

Leaf blower with 500CFM means it will release 500 cubic feet of air through the tip in every minute.

High CFM means the leaf blower will be able to move things using high power. A leaf blower with 500CFM means it will run a large pile of leaves or small sticks or rocks.

  • MPH

The term MPH means miles per hour which is a measurement of airspeed. It means how fast the wind moves when it gets released from the leaf blower nozzle.

Slow-moving air tends to be weaker than fast-moving air. However, this is not a valid statement always, in terms of a leaf blower.

A leaf blower with a high MPH rating doesn’t mean you have owned a powerful leaf blower. Even a low MPH leaf blower can be robust and much powerful if the CFM rating is high.

In general, if you want to move a pile of leaves or rock, you should purchase a leaf blower that comes with a high CFM rating, not a high MPH.

  • CFM vs MPH

Airspeed is significantly essential because you can move a more massive object using high airspeed. All objects are dissimilar in terms of their weight. You can’t put dry leaves, wet leaves, pebbles, and mulch into one category.

Air volume is another important thing because it requires more when blowing debris of a larger area.

But the ultimate question is, for a blower, CFM or MPH is vital? Let’s look at a few examples.

Take a straw and a glass of water or milk. Blow air through the straw at 350MPH aiming to the glass. An impressive mess will be created with your glass, or you will make a powerful blow dart gun, but you will achieve very little success in your backyard. In fact, the CFM rating is low in this situation, and a small area will be affected by the airspeed at this moment.

On the other hand, for instance, you can produce 22,000 CFM but only get 20 MPH out of it. You receive a gentle breeze on a hot sunny day. You along with your 4 closest friends can remain fresh, but you are going to move the lightest debris. The low airspeed means you will not be able to move much weight around.

The fact is, you will need the right combination of CFM and MPH to get the job done efficiently.

Gas or Electric Leaf Blower – Which one to Purchase?

This is another common question that people look for an answer before purchasing a leaf blower. In this section, we will assist you in finding the answer to this question by sharing comparisons between gas and electric leaf blower.


Most of the electric leaf blowers come with the handheld feature. 2 types of electric leaf blowers are out there. Cordless and cordless. Cordless electric leaf blower runs with 18V Lithium-Ion or 18V Ni-Cad rechargeable batteries. And corded one requires a power source to run.

Gas leaf blowers are 2 types. Backpack and handheld. They require a 2-stroke r 4-stroke engine to operate. Also, a mixture of fuel and oil is used to operate them. But the best thing is, there are some newer models which don’t require this type of mixing.

Easy to Use

Operating corded leaf blowers are challenging because the cord length is limited. Also, dragging the cord is a little cumbersome task. The battery power of cordless leaf blowers is very less.

Also, the lifespan of a battery is weak too. And thus you may require to invest in separate batteries.

You can accomplish a job quickly using a gas leaf blower since they are powerful compared to an electric gas blower. But they come with the bulky feature, and you will need to fill the gas tank periodically. Moreover, the gas leaf blower emits smoke.


Both the gas and electric leaf blower can come with a vacuum and mulcher attachment.


An electric leaf blower will cost you $35 - $150. On the other side, the price range of a gas-powered leaf blower is $60 - $400.

Noise level and Pollution

Leaf blowers are prone to make noise, especially a gas-powered leaf blower. Electric leaf blowers are also loud but create less sound compared to gas-powered.

However, before purchasing, make sure to learn the state regulations of using a leaf blower in your state or city.

The most important thing while purchasing a best rated leaf blower is, you will need to know for what purpose you will use a leaf blower. The answer to this question will assist you in narrowing down your list and choose the right model for you.

Final Words

If you want to get rid of dried or wet leaves from your driveway or garden yard, the best gas-powered leaf blowers will be a handy solution.

Since leaf blowers are enlisted under the heavy landscape equipment category, it would be best if you wear safety precautions such as earplugs, work gloves, dust masks and goggles.

In fact, variations are little in the features of the above-reviewed gas-powered leaf blowers. Depending on your preference and budget, pick the best-suited gas-powered leaf blower.