A Complete Guide to Pick The Best fertilizer spreader 2020. Reviewed by experts

In the 21st century, we all are now dependent on science. Until rising in the morning and before sleeping in the night, we do all our work in scientific ways. Just like that, science contribution in agriculture is not behind. Now, in the developed countries of the world, most people are doing their own work by themselves with the help of different instruments. In this way, many people are working on their own land. The name of an important ingredient for agricultural purposes is fertilizer. Which keeps the crops healthy and easily increases. To do this job very easily there is Fertilizer Spreader. It can be easily and properly apply the fertilizer. For this, you do not require much time for your work and does not have to do a lot of trouble.

Some factors when buying a fertilizer spreader

When you must buy fertilizer spreaders to work on your agricultural land, then buy the fertilizer spreader with a focus on some topics. Because, for this to make your work easier and to save time, this fertilizer spreader is needed, so it is necessary to buy this fertilizer spreader which can spread far enough quantity of fertilizers in a short time. Which is the best fertilizer spreader in the market and how to choose it? Let's talk about these issues:

  • Use for Home:   

  If you buy it for your personal use, then what kind of fertilizer spreader should buy that's it fairly strong and small fertilizer spreader. Which is easily portable and efficient. Depending on the length and width of your land, the size of the fertilizer spreader will be determined.

  • Use for business purpose: 

For business use, different sizes and capacities of fertilizer spreader should be selected. Because of commercially used, a heavy duty fertilizer spreader is needed. Large quantities of fertilizer spreaders need to be spread out to fertilizer in large fields.

  • Fertilizer spreader’s Price: 

It is not exactly that big amount of money is needed to buy a good quality fertilizer spreader. You can choose a good quality fertilizer spreader in low prices, but you need to know about some things. Stay tuned.

  • Brand Reputation:​​​​​​

 Select the fertilizer spreader after justifying the company's product reputation. Because to buy it you have to invest quite a lot of money. It is wise to buy a good company's product so that the money is not worthless.

How to choose best fertilizer spreader

There are a few things to choose the fertilizer spreader. The topics that must be followed are:

  • Size:

 Select the fertilizer spreader depending on the length and width of the field. There are different size fertilizer spreaders and according to the size of it’s, the weight and performance are determined. Select the machine based on your needs.

  • Type: 

Select the type of fertilizer spreader based on what kind of work you will do with it. To say indifferently, there are different kinds of fertilizer spreaders in the market. Pushing or pulling fertilizer spreader is very good and cheap.

  • Handheld: 

There are electric and manual fertilizer spreaders. It is best if you buy handheld fertilizer spreader. Because it is possible to spread fertilizer by conducting it as it wishes. And easily rotate the spreader in small places. It’s only for small garden or lawn. It is difficult to use it on the large lawn.

  • Drop Spreader:

 Using this type of fertilizer spreader when you just want to put the fertilizers directly in the ground. Other fertilizer spreaders will fertilizer in all around but it will be straight to the ground. Other fertilizer spreaders will spread the fertilizer in all around but it will be straight to the ground. It is generally used for stiff soil level. It must be used only on the land where there is no grass or weed. But it cannot be used in the garden or the lawn on which there is the grass is in the ground.

Using Tips of Fertilizer Spreader

  • Forwarding Speed:

 The most important responsibility of the Fertilizer spreader is to spread the fertilizer faster. Therefore, the proper energy should be applied when fertilizer is spread. If it spread at slow speed so what is the difference between manual spreading and spreading in the machine?

  • Width:​

It is one of the main aspects of spreading fertilizer with how much expansion. If it can spread fertilizer more than machine width, the fertilizer can be completed in a garden or a crop field in a short time.

  • Machine Settings:

 Please verify whether the machine is properly set. If the direction is wrong, it can increase your work time. For example: If the dirt is stuck with the wheels, then the wheel will rotate very slowly and it will need a lot of time.

  • Machine height:

 The height of the machine is an important aspect. The machine will have to run between large grasses at different times, if the deck of the machine is trapped with grass, then the work will be interrupted. So the height of the machine is a special aspect which should be taken care. 

  • Serving regularly: 

After the use of the machine, it is necessary to serving regularly. If you are left it neglected after use, the machine will rust and it can be incomprehensible for the use.

Now you know the best fertilizer spreader selection way and the basic idea you have gathered. So you can buy a fertilizer spreader to fertilize your land. Now we will discuss about 9 best fertilizer spreader reviews.

Scotts Turf Builder Broadcast Spreader is best for filling the seeds and fertilizing in the 5000 square feet area. This fertilizer spreader made in Edge Guard Technology which can work in winter or summer both of the season. In this, a large hopper can carry such amount of fertilizer which is able to coverage 15000 sq feet of lawn. It is sold with fully prepared for use. No need to add new tools or equipment. It can apply fertilizer in the granular soil.

Product Features & Specification:

  • Large-Capacity Hopper.
  • More Accurate Coverage.
  • Coverage capacity is more than 5000 Sq. feet.
  • Drop Spreader.
  • Edge Guard Technology.

Pros & Cons Box


  • It is an environmentally friendly fertilizer spreader.
  • Lightweight (17.52 pounds)
  • Have a big hopper for carrying more fertilizer.
  • You can use only hands.
  • There are both capacities to spread and dispersion fertilizer directly on the lawn.


  • Fertilizer spreader's wheels design is not suitable
  • The ability to work in the big grass is lower

It is one of the most demanding spreaders in the market. It does not work with any vehicle. If you walk with it on your hands, it will continue to work. It's made with a smooth handle that just keeps on your hand. It will be worked. Its hopper can be carrying this amount of fertilizer which can supply 2500 square feet lawn. With this fertilizer can also shed the seeds and spread the chemicals. It can be used in both winter and summer.   

Product Features & Specification:

  • Battery Powered
  • Hand-Held Spreader
  • Able to spread fertilizer 2500 sq feet lawn.

Pros & Cons Box


  • Have four amperes powerful batteries, which can work long times.
  • Can provide fertilizer up to 2500 square feet.
  • It can also sow seeds in addition to fertilizers and dissolve chemicals.
  • Can clean the weeds.Very low price and easy to use.


  • Cannot be fertilized due to the small hopper.

Titan 50 lb use is very good for professional use. This machine has the ability to carry about of 22 kg fertilizer. And it has been created in a very durable way. The company's product features say that it is suitable for commercial use. The distance between the two wheels is 21 inches and the maximum is 43 inches tall and the height is 45 inches. Which can easily spread fertilizer throughout many places. It is very easy to pull over any kind of lawn. It can be pulled and the fertilizer is sprayed in three ways. Made with steel and plastics, it's more durable.

Product Features & Specification:

  • The ability to carry 50 pounds of fertilizer.
  • 11 kg of weight.
  • Hold it in three conditions.
  • Strong body.

Pros & Cons Box


  • You can sow seeds with it and give insect pests on the ground.
  • Due to large tires can be used in any kind of land.
  • Its height is good, so if there is a large grass on the ground, it will not be difficult to work.
  • Because of its sturdy stability, it is not easy to break.
  • Weight is only 11 kg; there haven't any kind of trouble in carrying.


  • As the hopper is small, it cannot be fertilized on a large field.
  • It takes more time to work.

The spreader, which is capable of carrying about 60 kg of fertilizer, has not been made just for spreading fertilizer. There are many uses of it. Starting with fertilizing the crop fields, it can arrange the crop in a row, planting seeds on land; sow the seeds just as it is necessary to maintain the quality and color of the crops. Someone might ask again what is the relationship between maintaining the quality of the crop with the spreader? How to produce nutritious crops with the spreader? When you harvest the crop in a certain lawn, if the seeds are not suitable for both the rows as well as, then the seeds do not grow well. Because, a tree needs a certain amount of space to grow. From there, it can take light, wind, and power like its needs. But when you sow the seed, if the distance between the two rows is not correct so, the seeds do not get adequate light and cannot take energy. As a result, the crop will not be produced properly. Seeds can be sown correctly and aligned with this spreader. As a result, the quality of the crops is good and easy to work on the lawn.

Product Features & Specification:

  • About 60 kg coverage capacity.
  • Close Gearbox.
  • Rod handles.
  • Powerful tires.

Pros & Cons Box


  • Can be worked in both winter and summer seasons.
  • Due to the closed gearbox, it can be used for a long time.
  • The ability to carry fertilizer more.
  • Due to thick and strong wheels, it can be used to pull both hard and hot soil.
  • Rod handles, a lot of energy can be applied on it.


  • The winter season requires separate machines and has to put different machines for the summer.
  • The price is too more.

It is one of the best and demanding broadcast spreaders from Scotts. However, it is only suitable for small land. It is best if it is used for garden or small vegetable fields. This rust insulation spreader is sold along with all necessary equipment. So there is no need for any accessories. Its role is incomparable to fertilize, fertilizer pesticides, and sow the seeds on the small lawn. These two handled spreader is best for fertilizing in any season of summer or monsoon.

Product Features & Specification:

  • II Hand-Held
  • 1000 sq feet coverage area
  • Rust-proof

Pros & Cons Box


  • Cheap prices and easy-to-use.With two handles.
  • Fertilizers can be sprayed at specific levels.
  • The handle is designed in such a way that there is no possibility of wrist pain even you work a long time.
  • A lightweight spreader.


  • Can be used only on small land.

It is best Hand-Held Broadcast Spreader of Scotts's. It is the best spreader to fertilize on the small lawn. Scotts has both of spreader of one-handed and two-handed. Both are the best quality spreaders. They are sold with fully prepared for work. No need to use different tools. And it’s also rust-resistant spreader. It does not compare for seeds sowing, fertilizing, pesticide mixing at 1000 feet of dry land. It's built with the regulator system. As a result, you can spread fertilizer to your desired dimension.

Product Features & Specification:

  • Single Hand-Held
  • About 1000 sq feet coverage ability.
  • Rust-proof

Pros & Cons Box


  • It is popular for easy using method.
  • A rust-resistant spreader.
  • Spreading distance is more.
  • High powerful.


    Scotts Elite Broadcast Spreader is built with the ultramodern technologically. There is a small change in the using time of it. During the spreading of thick or large fertilizer, the propagating pin should be removed. And its tire is so strong that if the land is tougher, there will be no problem running it. Tires will not burst or break. You can make fertilizer on large grounds of 20000 square feet of land. It is going to be understood how big its hopper is? There is another reason to be popular it. Keeping the Smartphone with its handle, you can easily see the soil condition through the camera. Dual Rotor technology is the most effective aspect of it. You can spread fertilizer at 6 feet at the same time. As a result, the amount of work will be reduced.

    Product Features & Specification:

    • Smartphone-carrying handle
    • 20000 sq feet coverage capacity
    • Dual rotor
    • 6 feet spreading width
    • Large Hover

    Pros & Cons Box


    • Two gearboxes that make machine powerful enough.
    • With the help of two rotors, it can spread throughout the space.
    • 20000 Square feet coverage area that can work a lot together.
    • The condition of the land can be seen on the Smartphone, besides; anything can be done on mobile phones.
    •  Due to large and strong wheels, it is less difficult to pull.
    • The company announced that it is the best fertilizer spreader of their company.
    • Cheap price.


    • Winter and summer require different tools.

    This fertilizer spreader is capable to carry 80-pound fertilizer. It is designed with welding plate decorations. Suitable for fertilizing the medium-sized lawn. But its rotor is quite strong. This rotor made from a big the wing that can be spread to the maximum width. However, some parts may need to be assembled. For example, you can unlock the small hopper if needed and can take a big hopper. To maintain the quality of the crop this spreader is suitable for providing essential fertilizers and pesticides. Designed for a long time used.

    Product Feature & Specification:

    • Changeable Hover.
    • Strong deflector.
    • 5:1 gear ratio.
    • Will all instruments.

    Pros & Cons Box


    • Easy to run because of powerful tires.
    • The structure of this spreader is very strong due to its stability. 
    • Easy to operate


    • The price of this spreader is more.

    Best Choice

    It's a high-power fertilizer spreader that can carry 130 pounds of fertilizer. It is used for fertilizer for large land or agricultural lawn. Designed to be used for a business purpose. Because it can spread fertilize approximately 25000 square feet of land. It is made of the hard handle that's made of the rod. But this hand is not straightforward. That is, it is not for use by dragging with hands. Its handle is like a hook. The handle has to be attached to the behind of a tractor. As a result, the tractor continues to run and it continues to work. Not for use on a small land. This is needed for the work of large crop fields. Its gearbox is extremely powerful. Because of, there is a need for a powerful gearbox to keep pace with big tractors. Accordingly, it is designed. It is a long-lasting gearbox.

    Product Feature & Specification:

    • 130 pounds carry-able hopper.
    • Up to 12 feet spreading width.
    • 25000 sq feet coverage area.
    • Closed & powerful gearbox.

    Pros & Cons Box


    • Do not use it by dragging. With the tractor, it has to be dragged.
    • Can fertilize width of 12 feet at the same time.
    • Can be used for many purposes, including pesticides, fertilizers, sowing, and weed cleaning.
    • The handle is made by the rod, so its durability is much.
    •  Less likely to break.


    • It is not possible to use without tractors. 
    • It is not suitable to use for all land.

    Some topics that you should remember:

    • Using method: 

    Although it is very easy to use fertilizer spreader, then it is necessary to know the usage rules first. The main reason for this is that you will be able to fertilize, sow the seeds, and give insecticides yours or someone else's land. If you do not know the dimension of fertilizer, then it will be a big loss. As fertilizer makes the crops strong, the crop is damaged if excessive use of fertilizer is done. Again, if you sow seeds randomly without maintaining the right distance during seed sowing, the seeds will not grow properly. For any crop to grow properly it needs adequate space around it. Because the plant stores its main food from the soil and from sunlight. If another seed is sown near in a seed, then no seed will be able to increase. Again, in the shadow of a seed, another seed will not be able to absorb the sunlight. So before using it, we have to understand the rules of its using method.

    • Take care of the machine:

    This is a very important issue. Because a fertilizer spreader you will not buy for a year. Must be used roughly a few years. Otherwise, you have to spend a lot of money to buy it again. Generally, there grow good crops during the winter and summer. In the middle of this, the crop is not cultivated. If it cultivated then it is done on small land. For which such a large fertile spread will not be needed. Hand-held small spreaders are enough for him. That means, it must be left out of a long time after using it. If it is not properly organized then it will be destroyed soon. Although, most of the machines are also rust-resistant, then for neglecting can easily be destroyed anything. So along with regular care, it should be well-kept clean at the end of the year. For example, take a look at whether there is any weed in the wheel. If it has, then redeems them. The wheel will be protected in it. Again you should lean the hopper. All such things should be kept well. Then only the stability of the machine will increase.

    •  Fertilizer Spreader's user safety:

     Safety is needed for work. No matter how that works. When you use the fertilizer spreader on the field, you have to stay in the field for a long time. Sunshine or rain can be anything. Both excesses of sunshine or rain can harm you. So while working with the fertilizer spreader, you can keep an umbrella with it. That will keep you safe from both of sunshine and rain. You can keep the water with you. If you feel tired, you can drink the water. When using fertilizer, use gloves in hand. There may be wounds in the hand due to the presence of fertilizer. So follow the appropriate procedure.


    • Is it can spread when used for snow salt in the winter? 

    Fertilizer spreader can be done, but it’s difficult when the snow level is too much.

    • Can I use my spreader for salt in the winter?

    Yes! You can. No problem with this.

    • Will there be any difficulty in moving the uneven place on the hill with a push? 

    If the hover is filled with fertilizer, there will be a risk of falling.

    • Can the handle be large for taller people?

    It cannot be done; it can be narrowed down for the short man, but it is not possible to be taller.

    • How can I apply the fertilizer in my lawn?

    Spray the water just two or three days before fertilizing. The ground soil will be soft and the grass will be refreshed. After applying fertilizer.

    Final Verdict

    If you can work quickly with accurately, it is called only skill. But if it is done wrong due to quick, then it will take time again to correct the mistake. Then there is no result to speed up. So the fertilizer spreader is used to working in the field to save time and reduce the trouble. If the work is not correct, there is a possibility of great loss. Therefore, to avoid harm, it must be done in the right way and in accordance with the proper rules. Here is a good quality and best fertilizer spreader review. If you read it properly, it is not a matter of buying the best fertilizer spreader for you. We hope you can buy the right spreader for your lawn.