Best Chainsaw Under $200. Pick Up The Best One. Updated 2021

Are you trying to solve jigsaws while purchasing chainsaws?  You need a chainsaw prune, cut, and limb or fell the tree. You may be a trying to be a professional to earn money doing the job or an amateur doing the work on your own to save money. Without proper tools, it is difficult to carry out the work efficiently and meet expectations. A chainsaw is indeed the appropriate tool to do your job efficiently with ease. Multiple varieties of chainsaws are available in the market with varied specifications making it challenging to choose without a proper guide. You get confused comparing specs and reading all the reviews. A quick guide that can help you buy the correct tool for your need comes handy. It helps you not to repent saying “Oh! I saw, but missed that chainsaw”. Below is a list of 10 best chainsaw under 200$ among the lot.

Best 5 Chainsaw Under $200

  1. Worx Electric 14.5 Amp With The Auto-Tension
  2. Worx Chain Saw WG304.1 4 HP18-Inch 15.0 Ampere
  3. Greenworks 40V 12-Inch Cordless
  4. Craftsman 18″ 41BY429S799 42cc Gas
  5. BLACK+DECKER 15amp 18″ CS1518 Corded

Things need to be considered before buying a chainsaw

You should decide before buying what task do you want to complete with a chainsaw? Depending on the level of usage, the size and the price of the chainsaw will determine the chainsaw you need. Is your work type is like that below?

  • Chainsaw for cutting the stalks or roots

The tree stalks are generally thicker than the trees. Large chunks and the branches of the tree can be cut using the chainsaw. You can purchase small size chainsaw just for cutting the branches of trees.

  • Chainsaw for cutting large trees

Both of the size and capacity of the chainsaw must be higher for cutting the tree. Because, if the radius of your tree is thick then the chainsaw should be wider and stronger. Otherwise, it will not be possible to use more force with a chainsaw, even the saw can be broken. So buy long Chainsaw for heavy work.

These two things are just a basic idea for the decision of choosing your chainsaw. But before buying a Chainsaw, following things need to consider as well:

  • Chainsaw for home use

 When you buy the chainsaw for your own homework, what kind of chainsaw would you need? Or what might be the best chainsaw for homework? When you have a chainsaw for your own work, your budget is always less. You do not hire any worker to cut your garden trees and cut the tree boughs. But there is another thing to consider here. The type of machine depends on the distance of the house from your garden. If your machine is operated on electric power, then you will not be able to work in remote locations. In this case, you can use chainsaw powered by gas or battery. If you use Chainsaw for woodcutting of the furniture, Electric Power Chainsaw is the best for you.

  • Chainsaw for Commercial use

If you purchase the chainsaw for client service, then choose a powerful and efficient machine. In this case, you can target chainsaw under $200. Because there is a lot of good quality chainsaw available in the market under 200 dollars. Choose strong and tall chainsaw.

Electric vs. gas | which one is best for you?

Electric powered chainsaw

  • There is no problem of carrying, very lightweight machine.
  • Save your time, no problem for the fuel change.
  • Best chainsaw for cutting small trees.
  • Cannot work in a remote place.
  • If you have a battery system, then you can work away.
  • Comparatively, it is a quiet machine.

Gas powered chainsaws

  • Can be used for any type of heavy work.
  • You can work on cutting a lot of trees together.
  • The machine weight is quite heavy.
  • Need additional time to change fuel.
  • If you have a battery system, then you can work away.
  • A gas-powered chainsaw can be used to cut the big trees.

You can purchase the gas-powered chainsaw keeping in mind the above-mentioned matter. Here we reviewed the Best Chainsaw for you under $200. Choose the best one from here…

Best 10 Chainsaw ​​​​Comparison


Blade Size

Power Type

More info

​Wrox Electric




Craftsman 18 inch




18 inch





GreenWorks 40V Cordless


















Worx Electric 14.5 Amp With The Auto-Tension


  • This chainsaw manufactured by Worx with a 14.5 motor output comes handy to homeowners, ranchers or farmers. The performance of cutting is same to the gas chainsaws.
  • Model WG301.1 uses automatic lubrication technology having oil reservoir that is built in with a tank capacity of 200 ml.
  • Small kickback bar is attached to it. Built-in the chain-brake is one of the features of this chainsaw.
  • The chain of the saw is patented and uses auto-tension chain system to give protection from over- tightening of the chains and provide right tension during years of use.
  • The chainsaw is electrically powered and is priced below the US $ 100.
  • It comes with three years of manufacturer’s warranty.


  • It is lightweight & electrically powered, and it is power packed.
  • Designed ergonomically for easy use.
  • The aggressive chain with the chain tension system works excellent
  • It works with less sound with no tip kickback.


  • Does not come with a battery and the power cord can be an obstacle to manage.
  • The chain adjusting knob is oversized and loosens up automatically rolling against the logs.

Worx Chain Saw WG304.1 4 HP18-Inch 15.0 Ampere


  • This model by Worx has got 18 inches blade and motor output of 15 amperes.
  • It has automatic oil lubrication with window to show oil level.
  • Auto tension technology is used to prevent the chain from over tightening.
  • Chain brake is added too and has low kickback.
  • You do not need to assemble it as it comes in an assembled condition.
  • The rear handle is rubber molded, and the ergonomically designed front handle gives comfort to the arms while using.
  • The manufacturer provides warranty for three years.
  • The price of the chainsaw is around 100 US $.


  • Can cut large diameters.
  • It is lightweight.
  • No need for gas for initial starting.
  • The noise level is low compared to gas powered chainsaws.
  • The metal dogs on the bar provide stability while cutting.
  • Sprocket is simple to lubricate.


  • The power cord is too short and you an extension cord to power it.
  • The drive gear is made of plastic and can wear off quickly.

Husqvarna 240  2 HP

Key Features

Husqvarna 240 2 HP Chainsaw, 952802154, the best deal for best chainsaw under 200 $ providing power packed service when it comes to felling or cutting a tree.

  • The chainsaw has a maximum speed of 9000 rpm when it is at work and 3000 rpm in idle mode.
  • The bar of a chainsaw in 16 inches with a gauge of 050 inches.
  • The chain-tensioner is partly mounted and has a combination of choke or stop control.
  • The weight of chainsaw is 17 pounds and not that heavy.
  • The power of chainsaw comes from 2 horsepower engine with a cylinder displacement of 2.3 cubic inches.
  • The fuel tank of the chainsaw has a capacity of 0.14 US pints.
  • The electrode gap of the fuel powered chainsaw is 0.02 inches.


  • It cuts with high power cutting every type of hardwood.
  • It is very user-friendly having the choke and the knob for shut down.
  • The air filters of this chainsaw are washable.
  • The chain bars of the saw remains lubricated at all times.


  • It is noisier as gas powers it.
  • The fuel tank is small needing refueling at quick intervals.
  • Starting is an issue as the staring cords need the ability for pulling.

Greenworks 40V 12-Inch Cordless

While looking for the best chainsaw under 200 that are portable, lightweight yet powerful, then try using this model. It has got unique features

Key Features

  • It is powered by a 40 volts 12 inches battery that can give 100 cuts with one recharge.
  • The motors are brushless to deliver more power.
  • The battery used is of Li-on type, and the charger comes with the chainsaw.
  • The oil pump to lubricate the blades functions automatically.
  • The weight of the chainsaw is 9.8 pounds.
  • The tightening of the chains is possible without the help of any tools.
  • It is designed to give a perfect grip while using the chainsaw.



  • The noise level is low when you compare it with other chainsaws.
  • Almost zero maintenance cost.
  • More than 25 tools come with the chainsaw.
  • Lightweight, cordless and easy to handle.


  • The speed of the chain is slow in comparison to other chainsaws.
  • The oil cans for lubrication empties fast, and attention should be given not to dry up the oil can.

Greenworks 14.5 Ampere 18-Inch Corded

While looking for a chainsaw, you should consider this product. This product ranks in the list of best chainsaw under 200 manufactured by Green works. It comes with various features giving an enjoyable experience while using.

These is The Key Features

  • The power comes from 14.5-ampere electric motor providing a high torque to do the cutting job with ease.
  • The chainsaw bar is 18 inches long, and the chains need no tool for adjustment.
  • The chainsaw comes with auto lubrication method of the blades.
  • The handle is the wrap-around type that provides multiple positions of cutting with ease.
  • The weight of the chainsaw is approximately 12.1 pounds.
  • The manufacturer offers 4 years warranty on this product.
  • It can be used as a ripsaw too by an expert after replacing the chain.


  • This chainsaw can cut large diameter.
  • It continually runs drawing steady current without any fluctuations.
  • It is a lightweight yet powerful chainsaw.


  • There is no provision for battery, and the power cords need constant vigil for punches.
  • The oil tank for lubricating the blades leaks.
  • The chains of the saw come off sometimes causing a disturbance in work.

Craftsman 18″ 41BY429S799 42cc Gas

It is the best gas chainsaw under 200 bucks. The chainsaw is very powerful giving a beautiful cut to the logs.

  • The blade of the chainsaw is 18 inches.
  • It has a 42 cc gas engine that provides enough power to cut through the hardest woods.
  • The handle of the chainsaw is of an anti-vibratory type that gives relief from fatigue after long hours of use.
  • Lubrication of the bar and the chain is automatic and extends the life of the chain.
  • The tension on the chain can be adjusted by the side screws easily.
  • The aluminum body makes it sturdier.
  • The chainsaw comes in molded carrying case making it easy for transportation without any accident.
  • The weight of the chainsaw is 13.2 pounds


  • The gas engine is mighty.
  • It has a guard that protects the front hand.
  • A Safety throttle comes with it.
  • The kickback is very low.
  • Can be carried any distance as it does not need electric power.


  • The chainsaw produces much noise.
  • The spark plugs need cleaning very often.
  • Fuelled by gas, air pollution, and smoke is a problem.

BLACK+DECKER 15amp 18″ CS1518 Corded

The chainsaw model CS1518 is another product that can comfortably fit into the list. It is the best chainsaw under 200 dollars. The manufacturers are in the business for over 100 years and had earned a reputation and goodwill with their product. The CS1518 chainsaw is unique.

  • The chainsaw draws power from a 15-ampere electric motor and gives a powerful torque while cutting the logs.
  • The bar is of 18 inches in size and has low kickbacks. The blade and chain match the Oregon gauge.
  • The chainsaw has a window for clear oil visibility.
  • The chainsaw has provision for tool-free chain-tensioning and secure chain adjustment mechanism.
  • The weight of the saw is only 12 pounds with a dimension of 20 X 10 X 13 inches.


  • It is lightweight but evenly balanced giving less tension on hands.
  • It has a natural start-up mechanism of plug and play type.
  • The blades are of good quality.
  • The chains tighten without any tools.
  • The saw immediately stops working if you release the trigger or press the on/off button


  • The power cord length is limited, limiting the operation of the chainsaw without an extension cord.
  • The cord is to be watched for any punches while in service.

Remington 16-inch Rebel 42cc RM4216 Gas

As the name suggests, this chainsaw works like a beast when you need power for your work. The chainsaw manufactured by Remington has some useful features that are unique.

  • It is a chainsaw which operates on gas & has 42 cc, two-cycle engine giving enough power for your cutting job.
  • It has the low kickback while in operation.
  • The chain and the bar are 16 inches in size.
  • The cushioned handle that is wrapped to give a comfortable grip and the chainsaw is designed ergonomically for easy maneuvering.
  • The pull start mechanism is straightforward and smooth.
  • It has an adjustable oiler that oils the chain automatically.
  • The weight of the chainsaw in 22 pounds.


  • The bar studs and the chain pivot that connects the chain brake sinks in the in metal.
  • The chain that is adjusted by the chain-tensioner is on the sides.
  • It has a metal crankcase
  • Very little plastic in the saw and maximum parts are of metal providing longevity of the chainsaw.


  • The noise is a problem.
  • The fumes of the gas pollute the air.
  • The chainsaw is bit heavy.

GreenWorks 40V 12″ 2000219 Cordless

While looking for the best chainsaw under 200 that are portable, lightweight yet powerful, then try using this model. It has got unique features.

  • The chain length is 12 inches and can an amateur can use it.
  • It is battery powered, and the battery and charger come in the box.
  • The weight of the chainsaw is 11.45 pounds and has dimensions of 26 X 10 X 14 inches
  • A lithium-ion battery powers the chainsaw.


  • The noise level is low when you compare it with other chainsaws.
  • Almost zero maintenance cost.
  • More than 25 tools come with the chainsaw.
  • Lightweight, cordless and easy to handle.


  • The speed of the chain is slow in comparison to other chainsaws.
  • The oil cans for lubrication empties fast, and attention should be given not to dry up the oil can.
  • List Element

Craftsman 24V Max 10″ Li-Ion Cordless

This chainsaw is one of the best by Craftsman that easily qualify for the best chainsaw under 200 and have some of the best features in its category.

  • It operates on by DC motor that gets power from the 24 volts lithium- ion battery.
  • The chainsaw comes with the charger.
  • The charger as battery level indicator
  • It has a 10 inches Oregon bar with low kickback.
  • The automatic chain oiler oils the blade as per requirement.
  • The battery recharges within 70 minutes.
  • The chain adjustments are possible without any tools.
  • The battery is compatible with all 24 volts gardening tools manufactured by Craftsman.
  • The chain pitch is 3/8 inches.
  • The capacity of the chain oil reservoir is 30 ml.


  • It can be taken anywhere after charging as it is cordless.
  • Very useful in pruning the trees and shrubs.
  • Useful and handy for small cutting jobs.
  • Low noise level and pollution are less too.


  • Can only be used in finer cuttings and not n heavy work.
  • Needs to be often charged.
  • The chain runs at a slow speed.

Buyers Guide For Choosing The Best Under 200 $

Before you decide to finalize the purchase of the  chainsaw ,first you have to define the purpose of its usage. Depending on the usage the selection is to be done. If you are looking for pruning the shrubs and the weak branches you need a light duty chainsaw, whereas, if you are going for logging and felling trees you need an extra-duty chainsaw.

Again ask yourself are you a professional or an amateur. If you are a professional, you should always buy the best chainsaw,so that it has a long life, less maintenance and powerful. As an amateur, it is not easy to go for the robust cuttings and limit yourself to the softer ones. So a battery operated chainsaw will suffice your need.

A chainsaw powered by gas cuts the hard-woods better.  Buy a chainsaw that has 18 inches bar so that efficient the cutting is done. For first time users, it is better to start with a 12 inches bar chainsaw and then gradually go for higher versions after considering the feasibility.

For less frequent use buy the best chainsaw under 200 than runs on electric power. They are easy to maintain. However, with limited movements due to the length of the power cord, if you want to roam in an extensive area cutting and felling trees, then chainsaws powered by gas are the best option.

The diameter of the wood you want to cut, the environment norms you have to adhere to, the safety measures you are looking for, in the chainsaw are some of the factors while buying the best chainsaw under 200. You should also consider the time of use. For winter use, you should buy a chainsaw that has a warm handle, and the carburetor heats up quickly using the choke facility.

Then guide bar length is vital while selecting the chainsaw. It is the length that is active in cutting. For a professional, a long bar length is always preferred however as a homeowner you can also split large pieces but in two or three parts with smaller bars. Keep in mind that for a safe cutting the bar length should be 2 inches longer than the area of the wood you want to cut. You should keep in mind that the larger the bar length it becomes more difficult to handle as the chainsaw remains in the unbalanced position. Only, expert professionals should use them.

Buy a chainsaw that is low with kickbacks. Kickbacks happen when the guide bar tip hits some other object. The chainsaw rotates in a circular direction along the guide bar moving away and towards you in a circular motion. The nose where the course of the chain alters is known as the kickback zone. The severity of kickback depends upon the speed, the angle and the time taken by the chain to stop.  Therefore, you should purchase a chainsaw with low kickback or that provides some insulation of the kickback power.

Decide on the engine power you need. A high powered engine for trimming and pruning is not necessary, and it will waste energy. Again, you cannot cut hard-wood with less horsepower. So depending on the work you want to do select the engine to get the best result within your budget for the purchase. Last but not the least; consider your fitness while purchasing a chainsaw as it needs some efforts.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: How To Avoid Kickbacks?

Answer: You cannot stop kickback entirely. However, to minimize kickbacks, you should follow the following steps:

  • The bar guide tip should not touch the ground, logs or the branches.
  • Cut one piece of wood at one time.
  • The saw power should be full while cutting.
  • Maintain perfect chain tension and sharpen the chain as per manufacturer’s guideline.
  • Check the working of all safety devices before starting actual work.
  • Always use an anti-kickback, consumer-grade chain.

Question: How To Select Bar Length?

Answer: Depending on the cutting you want to do, select the bar length. A quick guide is here:

  • For trimming purpose, it should be within 16 inches.
  • For pruning purpose, it should be within 12 inches.
  • For felling small trees, it should vary between 12 to 14 inches.
  • For medium tree felling, it should be 16 to 18 inches.
  • For firewood cutting, it should be 14, 16 0r 18 inches depending on the size of the cut.
  • For bucking the bar, length should be above 18 inches.

Question:  How Do I Select The Engine Power?

Answer: Power selection is vital while purchasing a chainsaw. Follow the guidelines below.

  • For pruning & trimming the engine power should be around 30 cc
  • For small & medium tree felling, large logs, and light & medium firewood the engine horsepower should range between 35 to 50 cc.

Question: Is Lubrication Of Bars Always Required While Using A Chainsaw?  

Answer: It is always required to lubricate the bars of the chainsaws to cut the woods smoothly. It allows cutting without less friction and the chain remains sharps. Never use a chainsaw without proper lubrication and in dry condition.

Question: What Type Of Chainsaw Shall I Buy?

Answer: If you are a professional, always buy a gas engine chain saw. It provides more power and torque to the blades. They are easy to mobilize as no power cord is attached to them. Use them for significant cuts.

If you are a home-worker, buy an electric chainsaw or a battery operated chainsaw. These are very easy to start and maintain. Used for pruning and cutting small branches.

Question: What Type Of Handle Is Best For My Use?


  • There are two types of handles for chainsaws. They are the top handle chainsaws or rear handle.
  •  The top handle chainsaws work while up in a tree. They are often known as the tree- chainsaws.
  •  The rear handle chainsaws work while working on the ground. They are easy to use.
  •  Top handle chainsaws should be used by an expert professional.

Question:  On Which Factor Price Of A Chainsaw Varies, Engine Horsepower Or The Bar Size?

Answer: The price varies both on the engine horsepower & the bar size. With an increase in both, the price increase. However, cordless chainsaws are expensive than electric gas chainsaws


Thus, while purchasing chainsaws that are best and within your budget, you should prepare yourself reading the various features of the chainsaw and decide. The chainsaw should be obtained as per your requirements and not by seeing the design and the size. Without a perfect chainsaw, you will be unable to do your work correctly. Judging the pros and cons of various chainsaws, you should approach to buy the perfect one for your use. Even you can consult your neighbors who are using them to get a work-on opinion. If you are professional take the advice of the technical team of the stores and ask for a demo before purchasing. Read the warranty and the replacement clauses before you go ahead spending money sealing the deal. A well-maintained garden, a yard which does not look like a dump yard with dry woods staked everywhere, but cut into logs or firewood looks pleasant to the eye. Do not prune your pocket while purchasing a useless chainsaw but buy according to your needs. Buy the best within your budget and work efficiently.